“The Good Place” is truly a good show

“The Good Place” is a popular comedy show that premiered on NBC. Produced by Michael Shur, the show follows the life/afterlife of Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell. After Shellstrop’s unusual death, she wakes up in what is known as the Good Place. The Good Place is the spiritual destination of humans on Earth who lived an […]

A Disappointing Dystopia: House of Cards Season 6 Review

With great controversy, the long-awaited, final season of Netflix’s “House of Cards” premiered Nov. 2, just in time for the United States midterm elections. Due to the show’s intentional parallelism with the American political climate and last year’s sexual assault allegations against lead actor, Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” fell from being one of Netflix’s […]

“Atypical” TV show review

Comedy television series “Atypical” recently released its second season on Netflix. Created by Robia Rashid, the show follows the life of Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old boy living with autism, played by Keir Gilchrist. The series also includes members of his family such as his mother, played by Jennifer Leigh, his younger sister, played by Brigette […]

“Better” by Khalid song review

“Better” is a single on Khalid’s new album “Suncity,” consisting of mostly synthesized drum beats highlighting the easy-going undertones of artist’s vocals. The song focuses on the central theme that love numbs pain and conflict in life, which sheds some light on casual relationship culture. The song starts out with mellow synthesizers, perfectly capturing the […]

Captivating Crime Drama: “FBI” TV show review

At the end of September, CBS released a new crime TV show called FBI. The series follows two young agents who are apart of the New York City FBI field office. The pilot opens with a bang, literally, as the first scene depicts an explosion that decimates an apartment building in the Bronx. The show […]

Music Video Review: “Malibu Nights” by Paul Klein

“Malibu Nights” was released on Oct. 5, 2018 and the music video was released on the Oct. 16. The video was directed by Isaac Ravishankara and features one member of Lany, Paul Klein, singing and playing the piano. “Malibu Nights” was written by Paul Klein and Sasha Sloan and produced by Jason Baum. Paul’s song […]

“Big Mouth” TV show review

The American adult animated sitcom “Big Mouth” recently released its second season on Netflix. Created by Andrew Goldberg and various other comedians, the show is based on Goldberg’s teenage years and follows a group of pre-teenagers as they navigate their way through puberty. The episodes are mainly focused on the lives of Nick Birch, the […]

“Iridescence” album review

Following sexual assault allegations against one of its members, it seemed as if hip-hop boyband Brockhampton may collapse, even after all their success. Coming off of their successful “Saturation” trilogy, two sold-out North American tours, and a newly inked RCA record deal,  Ameer Vann’s exit from the group was a shocking blow to the rising boy […]

“YSIV” album review

After releasing his heavily promoted studio album “Everybody” in 2017, Logic faced significant criticism: many argued that his lyrics became repetitive and disingenuous. Even Logic’s loyal supporters questioned the direction that he was headed in, with many calling for the “old Logic.” Listening to the criticism, Logic decided to release the fourth installment of his […]

Villain turned Hero: “Venom”

On Oct. 5, Sony released the new “Venom” movie. Although it was only given a 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, I thought that the film was relatively well-made. Unlike most movie adaptations of Marvel Comics, “Venom” is not a superhero. In fact, in most of the comics he is seen opposing Spider-man, and the only […]

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