Let Them Eat a French Almond Cake!

With all this new time on students’ hands, many are taking up new hobbies, so I thought that I could share this recipe that has been spread in my family! The background of this cake is French financiers, which are a smaller and more condensed version of the French almond cake. They are small tea […]

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Dangers of Fast Fashion

ROMWE, Forever 21, ASOS and TopShop. All examples of fast fashion brands. While the concept of dirt cheap, trendy clothes sounds appealing to many teenagers who are looking to shop on a budget, one should stay away from fast fashion brands as the inexpensive prices come at a much larger cost. Fast fashion is extremely […]

Carl Wilkens Answers 73 (ish) Questions

On Jan. 28, Carl Wilkens— the only American to stay in Rwanda during the 1994 Rwandan genocide— visited Freedom to talk to the AP World History students. This is an annual tradition that many FHS students look forward to, but this year, Uncaged asked him 73 (ish) questions.

“Frozen 2” Review: Let it Go or Dive Into the Unknown?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains minor spoilers. Mysterious voices, hidden forests and elemental spirits teased a more-than-ready family friendly audience for “Frozen 2.” In addition, seven new songs were added to this wintry franchise. The movie opens during Arendelle’s fall festival, showcasing a happy kingdom and closer than ever sisters. However, this merry band is […]

Fun Activities for Fall

The leaves are turning from green to orange and red, which means it’s finally time for fall. The switching of seasons brings a whole new set of options to people searching for fun seasonal activities. With the weather finally starting to feel like autumn, the pool, popsicles and barbecues become things of the past. Here […]

“After” Movie Review

“After” is an intriguing movie full of drama and action. The movie starts off with a young adult, Tessa Young, who lives in the suburbs of Washington. She is being sent off to college by her mother and her boyfriend, who is currently a senior in high school. Tessa meets a boy named Hardin, becoming […]

Pause that Show and Play “The Politician” Instead: The Politician Review

WARNING: SPOILERS. Netflix’s new original series “The Politician” takes a satirical route on depicting high school life and has possibly hit too close to home for some students. After all, the main character, Payton Hobart, is an ambitious yet anxious high school student who feeds off of other people’s approval. For the majority of the […]

[Uncaged.] recommends these spectacular summer songs!

Here is a compilation of songs that will be perfect for summer, all handpicked by the full [Uncaged.] staff: “Slide” by Calvin Harris “Suge” by Da Baby “Talk” by Khalid “UCLA” by RL Grime “Sunlight” by Yuno “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X “Chlorine” by twenty one pilots “Walkin’ On A Pretty Day” by […]

Welcome To The Neotheater

As of May 8, 2019, AJR’s new album “Neotheater” has been ranked as the #1 alternative album on The Rock Charts after coming in at a #8 overall debut. Despite this fame, AJR started out with quite the humble beginning, with its roots go back to the viral YouTube video of their single “I’m Ready.” […]

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