Articles by Carina Funk

Freedom Girls Soccer Scrimmage Heritage High School

On March 11, 2020, Freedom Girls Varsity Soccer competed in their second scrimmage of the season against Heritage High School, but what no one had anticipated is that it was going to be their last game of the season. The Corona virus has affected many aspects of the school year, which has been cut short […]

Snow Days Are Adding Up for FHS Students

As the end of the quarter comes upon FHS, one thing many students did not anticipate was having more break after winter break, but snow days surprised everyone and even caused some issues. Typically when student’s get the call from Wade Byard, social media explodes with excitement, but with these snow days being so dangerously […]

The Stress with Holiday Homework

The holiday season is upon Freedom High School, and with that also comes the massive time crunch between Thanksgiving and winter break. Third quarter is nefarious for its stressful amounts of homework which are expected to be completed in the awkward three week period, and this is affecting mental health and the overall tone of […]

Fun Activities for Fall

The leaves are turning from green to orange and red, which means it’s finally time for fall. The switching of seasons brings a whole new set of options to people searching for fun seasonal activities. With the weather finally starting to feel like autumn, the pool, popsicles and barbecues become things of the past. Here […]

Freedom Volleyball Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

When the month changes to October, the main focus tends to be on Halloween and the rest of the holidays to come, but Freedom Volleyball is focused on what they can do to support the community around them and represent Breast Cancer Awareness month. FHS Volleyball team has worn pink jerseys to one of their […]

The Real Definition of Junior Year

When entering high school, each grade level has a label that most students use to characterize how the whole year will go. Freshman year is designated as the year where everyone in the school dislikes you and bullies you. Sophomore year is characterized as the easiest year because you have experience. Senior year is all […]

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