Articles by Aayusha Khanal

On the Payroll In the Pandemic

Due to the spreading of COVID-19, schools across the nation have been closed and many students have started online schooling. With the flexible hours and more free time that comes along with online school, students have had the opportunity to explore new hobbies and melt into relaxation during the quarantine. However, this isn’t always the […]

Celebrating Birthdays in Bed

At the symbolic age of 18, people enter adulthood and leave behind their childhood. For many people, their 18th birthday is one of their most memorable, as it marks independence and a new chapter of life. Although senior Emily Hutto was hoping to spend her 18th birthday in the city with friends as she embarks […]

Meet Hakon Grant

Although preschool is around the time where kids begin reciting the alphabet or developing their motor skills, junior Hakon Grant was busy doing something else: playing the piano. Around the time he was in preschool, Grant had already taken a strong interest in the musical instrument. Ever since then, he has been strengthening his interest […]

If You Can’t Bear the Thought of Losing Koalas, Here’s What to Do

More than one billion animals have been killed by the Australian fires. While mild, natural bushfires in Australia are familiar to the nation’s diverse group of wildlife, Australia has never seen fires at this large of a scale or this early in the year. When this nation is home to species that can’t live sustainably […]

Singing in Soda Shop

Students across all grade and skill levels performed at the annual Soda Shop on Friday, Oct. 18. Tri-M Honors Society coordinated the event. Senior Emma Krall performed in three acts in Soda Shop and helped organize the event as president of Tri-M. “Soda Shop is one of my favorite events at the school and organizing […]

Pause that Show and Play “The Politician” Instead: The Politician Review

WARNING: SPOILERS. Netflix’s new original series “The Politician” takes a satirical route on depicting high school life and has possibly hit too close to home for some students. After all, the main character, Payton Hobart, is an ambitious yet anxious high school student who feeds off of other people’s approval. For the majority of the […]

Make Mini Pecan Pies this Fall!

Pecan pies are a personal favorite, despite the season. In fact, you could say they’re the apple of my pie. However, fall seems to be the only time of the year where I can make pies without getting concerned looks from my family (I baked a pumpkin pie in June. Sue me, mom). While we […]

Seniors prevail in powder puff game

After two years, girls’ powder puff football finally returned to Freedom High School with a bang on Saturday, May 12. The game was originally planned to be held in fall 2018 but was postponed due to inclement weather. The senior and junior girls who had been practicing in preparation for the powder puff game were […]

Spirit Week Day 4: College Day!

On Thursday, April 25, many seniors wore spirit wear that represented their future college. Senior Jessica Lee will be attending Columbia University this fall and is very excited to live in an urban atmosphere that contrasts the suburbs of northern Virginia that she has been so accustomed to. “I decided on Columbia because it has […]

Varsity girls drenched but not defeated

While most students came home from school on April 12 feeling relaxed after weeks of anticipating their spring break, Freedom girls varsity lacrosse players were not going home just yet. After a long drive, they played against Tuscarora High School in rain and downpour and won 17-7. In the first half of the game, the […]

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