The Umbrella Academy: A New Take on Superheros

“The Umbrella Academy” is the newest Netflix Original series that, although strange, is very entertaining. The series is based off of “The Umbrella Academy” comics written by Gerard Way in 2007. When seven out of 43 odd children with powers are adopted by renowned scientist, Reginald Hargreeves, an academy is formed to cultivate the growth […]

SCA votes on new class officer bylaws

The Student Council Association (SCA) follows a codified set of rules. Until recently, the class officers have been following the same guidelines outlined in The Constitution of The Student Council Association of Freedom High School. Senior class president Lara Arif and other class representatives proposed that class officers should have their own set of written […]

Eagles Soar at the first Freedom Science Fair

From spinning wheels to knee braces, students in the Independent Science Research(ISR) class identified issues and showcased their research to judges and spectators during the Freedom High School Science Fair.  The Science Fair was held in the FHS Library on Feb. 7. Many students came to learn about a variety of the topics researched by […]

Freedom Slam Dunks Broad Run

Freedom High School students are a bundle of nerves on Thursday Jan. 10, as first quarter comes to a close. Broad Run is up 25 to 20, but with three quarters left, a turnover is still possible. Broad Run was still leading 35 to 31 with two minutes left in the quarter, until junior, Robbie […]

Vote for the best holiday decorations

The leaves are gone and snow is starting to fall. Carols are being sung and every front porch is adorned with glittering lights and wreathes.  The excitement for the holiday season has finally set in. Whatever holiday students celebrate, there is one thing that always stands out. The lights. Just like the familiar film “National […]

Have a question? Here is your answer

Whether you are comfortable with your way of thinking, or find yourself wanting to expand your mind, philosophy club taps into curiosity and provides a space for discussion among students in Freedom High School. The club was founded in 2010 with the sponsor, Jessica Legnini, and then tenth grade student, Matt Smidt. For the first […]

JV football team takes a break

The quarterback cradles the ball in one strong arm, raises it up and puts all of their strength into the last throw. Across the field, the ball is caught and the committed player sprints across the field, making the last touchdown. The JV cheerleaders scream and shout for the great play. Football is a sport […]

Homecoming Week Day Three: Pink Day

The hallways became a sea of pink on Wednesday, Sept. 26, with students trying to earn Homecoming spirit points for their class. The rule was made popular by Regina George, the main protagonist in Mean Girls, that “on Wednesdays, we wear pink.” Students are going all out to receive the most spirit points. “Participating in spirit week […]

Death of Senator John McCain puts flags at half staff

All United States flags are to be raised at half staff due to the passing of John McCain, senator, until his burial on Saturday, Sept. 2. McCain died after a yearlong battle with glioblastoma, a brain cancer, on Saturday, Aug. 25. McCain was a Vietnam war Veteran and acting Arizona state Senator since 1982. McCain […]

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