Spirit Week Day 4: Throwback Thursday Styles

Ever miss 70’s bell bottoms or 90’s chokers? Good news! Each class represented their favorite decade on Thursday, Oct. 3, with the freshman rocking their 90’s ripped jeans and plaid skirts. The sophomores were on cruisin’ in 50’s leather pants and T-birds jackets. Juniors exploded with color with their neon fishnets and off the shoulder […]

Varsity’s hard earned win over Independence

“Let’s go Eagles, you know what to do,” shouts the Freedom students fueling the Varsity Volleyball team to finish strong. “You gotta rock with the black and roll with the gold.” After an intense back and forth battle with Independence High School, Freedom’s varsity volleyball won in the fifth set on Thursday, Sept. 12. Varsity […]

Varsity Girls Lacrosse Wins Regionals

Sweat dripped off the player’s brow as she raced to stop the advances of the other team. With one last stride, she cut off the runner and scooped up the ball, changing from defense to offense. Two rounds of overtime later in sweltering conditions, the trophy was theirs. Despite the 90 degrees weather and intense […]

Juniors and seniors go out with a bang at the 2019 Charity Prom

It was the moment students have been waiting for since they first entered Freedom High School. The 2019 Charity Prom was held at the beautiful Bellevue Conference and Event center on Friday, April 26. From 8-11:30, students danced the night away in statement dresses and sharp tuxes. The tickets raised a whopping $45,532 to help […]

Spirit Week Day 3: Dress extravagant for derby day

On April 24, the third day of prom spirit week, students donned flouncy hats, sharp suits and lovely dresses for derby day. For the biggest horse race in the sport, the Kentucky Derby, bright colors and huge hats were used to express the southern belle culture. Now, the tradition continues as a good luck charm […]

The Umbrella Academy: A New Take on Superheros

“The Umbrella Academy” is the newest Netflix Original series that, although strange, is very entertaining. The series is based off of “The Umbrella Academy” comics written by Gerard Way in 2007. When seven out of 43 odd children with powers are adopted by renowned scientist, Reginald Hargreeves, an academy is formed to cultivate the growth […]

SCA votes on new class officer bylaws

The Student Council Association (SCA) follows a codified set of rules. Until recently, the class officers have been following the same guidelines outlined in The Constitution of The Student Council Association of Freedom High School. Senior class president Lara Arif and other class representatives proposed that class officers should have their own set of written […]

Eagles Soar at the first Freedom Science Fair

From spinning wheels to knee braces, students in the Independent Science Research(ISR) class identified issues and showcased their research to judges and spectators during the Freedom High School Science Fair.  The Science Fair was held in the FHS Library on Feb. 7. Many students came to learn about a variety of the topics researched by […]

Freedom Slam Dunks Broad Run

Freedom High School students are a bundle of nerves on Thursday Jan. 10, as first quarter comes to a close. Broad Run is up 25 to 20, but with three quarters left, a turnover is still possible. Broad Run was still leading 35 to 31 with two minutes left in the quarter, until junior, Robbie […]

Vote for the best holiday decorations

The leaves are gone and snow is starting to fall. Carols are being sung and every front porch is adorned with glittering lights and wreathes.  The excitement for the holiday season has finally set in. Whatever holiday students celebrate, there is one thing that always stands out. The lights. Just like the familiar film “National […]

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