Articles by Kawther Said

Freedom goes acoustic for FHS unplugged

On May 20, the Music Appreciation Club held the second annual FHS unplugged on the lunch patio. In the sweltering afternoon heat, 10 performers came together to create a unique musical experience for their peers. While the event was created in the image of MTV unplugged, performers were not required to perform acoustically. Many opted […]

This Just In: Chocolate Milk Causes Global Suffering

In a consumerist society where profit is often prioritized over morality, it can be difficult for students to make ethical purchases that align with their beliefs. That’s why it’s important for students to make educated decisions before making everyday purchases. Large corporations that cut corners to maximize profits will usually hide behind false images of […]

Unified’s first track meet of the season is a success!

On Wednesday April 24, Freedom’s unified track team held its first meet of the season. Many people came out in support of the team, cheering as the athletes participated in their respective events. The event came after multiple weeks of practice in anticipation of the first meet. The Unified athletes and partners came together to […]

Second Soda Shop is a Success

The Tri-M Music Honor Society held the second and last Soda Shop of the 2018-2019 school year on March 22. The dimly-lit library fell silent as siblings Veronica and Adam Manuel took to the stage first and covered “Party Favor” and “Come Out and Play” by Billie Eilish. Later in the night, senior Moses Hunsaker […]

Speaking the Language of Compassion: Nonviolent Communication

Imagine a world in which compassion was the main mode of communication. Everybody would always know how others were feeling, and we would derive satisfaction from our conversations and encounters. This would mean no more feelings of disappointment or aggravation after a particularly frustrating interaction. The only thing that is stopping us from achieving this […]

Heading back to school

  On Thursday, Aug. 23, students and staff walked into the building for the first time after two months away. Smiles spread across faces as friends reunited throughout the halls. Despite the merriment, students and faculty still have worries about the upcoming school year. For many students, summer assignments mark the beginning of stressful AP […]

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