The Benefits of Online Learning

Over the past month, Freedom High School students have been completing their classes online due to COVID-19. Speaking from a students perspective, it’s been a weird adjustment. Taking out the human connection and interaction within the education system has made learning increasingly more difficult for many students, especially when none of us were prepared for […]

Exercising Their Right

On March 3, 2020, many members of the FHS student body voted for the first time in the Democratic primaries. Jalen Harrison, a senior who is planning on majoring in political science, was very excited about his first time at the polls. “It’s important for us to vote because it is the only way we […]

Freedom Falls to Battlefield

On Friday, Dec. 6, the FHS boys varsity basketball team played against Battlefield High School for their third game of the season. The theme of the game was a white out, and students from all grades came out to cheer on the team. Freedom had a strong start, with the score being 19-12 at the […]

Seniors take home powderpuff victory

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, Freedom High School hosted its semi-annual powderpuff volleyball game. In a powderpuff volleyball game, boys from the junior and senior class play a game of volleyball against each other. Athletes attended morning practices coached by the girls volleyball team to help them prepare for the game. “The hardest part was waking […]

College Board Exploits Students

College Board: the bane of every high schoolers existence. We think we need it, but we know we hate it. College Board tests are pretty much mandatory for anyone who wants to go to college, which results in people ignoring the issues. If someone has a problem with it, there’s not much he/she can do. […]

4 Years Later: Class of 2020 Finally Holds the Spirit Stick

Pep rally day-the classes are shortened, the face paint is on, and the school spirit is radiating through the halls. The tension between classes is high, with the spirit point tally fluctuating with who is in first place all week. But it was finally the day that students found out who is going to be […]

A Personalized Goodbye

Decorating graduation caps is a tradition Freedom students have been doing for years. Not everybody is artistic, nor do they have the time to decorate a cap, so senior Josh Lee decided to help out his peers by decorating their caps for them. By using scrapbook paper, markers and paint, Lee is giving each student […]

To the Beat of His Own Drum

Meet Ryan O’Connor. He is a junior at Freedom High School and spends his time striving to become a successful musician. O’Connor is currently the drummer for the band Good Grief, an alternative rock band inspired by the likes of Weezer and Alkaline Trio. Their biggest song on Spotify currently has over 3,000 listens. While […]

Summer in the City: A Complete Guide to Washington DC

After a while, staying in NOVA over the summer can get stale. However, going into DC for the day can be intimidating, as there’s so much to do, see and eat. Getting from South Riding to DC is easy with the help of the metro. Taking the metro is a more effective option than driving […]

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