Articles by KAYLA COOPER

Welcome To The Neotheater

As of May 8, 2019, AJR’s new album “Neotheater” has been ranked as the #1 alternative album on The Rock Charts after coming in at a #8 overall debut. Despite this fame, AJR started out with quite the humble beginning, with its roots go back to the viral YouTube video of their single “I’m Ready.” […]

Big Brother Is Always Watching

Hello comrade, do you have your blue party pen and red ribbon? It is that time of year again when 10 Honors English students delve into the world of the novel “1984,” written by George Orwell. The novel itself is an intriguing read to begin with, but the FHS English Department takes the story to […]

Milk Club and Philosophy Club join forces

On Friday, March 22, FHS Milk club joined forces with Philosophy club to discuss what sexuality, gender and religion mean to them. The discussion took place during all lunch shifts in the auditorium. The students involved in leading the event were seniors Doria Smith and Madison Boyer, who were there representing Milk Club. The students […]

African American History is American History

On Feb. 13, FHS’s Black Student’s Association (BSA) hosted its annual Black History Month Celebration. Many students from different organizations were involved. The dance team, along with some students who dance outside of FHS, performed to “Stand Up for Love” by Destiny’s Child. The assembly also featured students impersonating famous black musicians who had an impact on […]

Seeking Another Way Of Learning

Today it seems as though our education system is lacking in providing students with consistent real-world learning experiences, despite often having the ability to do so. Students are stuck in this repetitive cycle of cramming for tests, taking the tests and then forgetting the material. I believe that this cycle is a result of never […]

Who is guitar man?

Like many students at FHS, junior Brigham Dalean doesn’t go through a school day without music. Dalean doesn’t just listen to music, he also provides it. Dalean walks the halls nearly every morning and between classes playing his guitar for students to listen to. Dalean first started playing guitar in the seventh grade, inspired by […]

“Better” by Khalid song review

“Better” is a single on Khalid’s new album “Suncity,” consisting of mostly synthesized drum beats highlighting the easy-going undertones of artist’s vocals. The song focuses on the central theme that love numbs pain and conflict in life, which sheds some light on casual relationship culture. The song starts out with mellow synthesizers, perfectly capturing the […]

More Than Just A Jacket

Not many adults can say they helped create a life saving invention that would later get a patent, let alone a group of middle schoolers. In middle school, now senior Caroline Maloney and her friends, involved in Lunsford’s First Lego League robotics team, worked together to create a life jacket styled hoodie that would serve […]

“Avengers Infinity War” Movie Review

Whether or not you are an Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan, it is no surprise that “Avengers Infinity War” is one of the biggest movies of the year so far due to its $300 billion budget. The New York Times supports this claim by stating that the movie, “Landed the biggest global opening ever,” not to mention […]

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