Freedom goes acoustic for FHS unplugged

Sophomores Jordan Atanassov, Jahna Murthy, Allen Nguyen, and Tyler Kim play "Aragonaise" by Georges Bizet.

On May 20, the Music Appreciation Club held the second annual FHS unplugged on the lunch patio. In the sweltering afternoon heat, 10 performers came together to create a unique musical experience for their peers.

While the event was created in the image of MTV unplugged, performers were not required to perform acoustically. Many opted to sing to tracks and play with amplified instruments.

Throughout the event, friends and family supported the performers, applauding and congratulating them for their outstanding musical capabilities.

See the full list of performers below.

About the Author

Kawther Said
Kawther Said is a Sophomore at Freedom High School. She is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 school year. In her free time, Kawther enjoys philosophizing, practicing yoga, listening to music, and cooking.
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