Wellness Fair helps students destress

Feature image by Lauren Balser

On Wednesday, Mar. 27, Freedom High School students participated in the Wellness Fair during advisory. From gardening to dancing, healthy cooking to board games, there were many different activities for students to partake in.

“I did the hanging gardens, and while it was really hard to cut the plastic, the actual act of gardening was very relaxing,” sophomore Kawther Said said.

The goal of the Wellness Fair is to promote good mental health, and many students were able to relax and take time to focus on meditation, dancing, games, arts and crafts and time with peers. Overall. this year’s fair was a success.

Photos by: Ava Proehl and Lauren Balser

Copy by: Lauren Balser

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Lauren Balser
Lauren Balser is a senior and the online editor for Uncaged. She is also a member of Freedom's Advanced Mixed Choir. Outside of school, she is the photographer/videographer for Unified Sports and is the president of HOPE Club, as well as the founder and president of Unified Choir.
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