The Umbrella Academy: A New Take on Superheros

“The Umbrella Academy” is the newest Netflix Original series that, although strange, is very entertaining. The series is based off of “The Umbrella Academy” comics written by Gerard Way in 2007. When seven out of 43 odd children with powers are adopted by renowned scientist, Reginald Hargreeves, an academy is formed to cultivate the growth of the children’s powers. The unnamed children, Numbers 1-7, endure a callous guardian while trying to fight crime. One might think this is like any other superhero franchise, however, this series plot takes the audience deeper into the minds of the different characters.

Child Number Five has the unique ability to teleport through space and time, and went missing. This raises many questions when the child returns to the family, years later, informing them that the apocalypse is imminent. As the plot progresses, the series dives into questions about whether people have fixed destinies or if the future holds limitless possibilities. Common themes like the importance of family and loyalty are displayed through the characters, who are very different, but still have each others backs. The series also addresses the false statement that everyone is ordinary, and shows how everyone is unique. The action is tied with comedic music to make very amusing combat. There are also great visuals and sets.

Overall, “The Umbrella Academy” is very entertaining. It sends the audience into a swirl of emotions as the plot abruptly twists and turns, and sends everyone screaming for more. Watch with an open mind and laugh through it all because you will definitely be surprised.

About the Author

Madison Roney is a Junior at Freedom High School in South Riding. Madison is involved in Battle of the Books, National Art Honors Society, and FELT at Freedom.
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