Investment Management

I sent my google site on the investment management industry to an employee of an investment management firm in New York City.  It was sent to in regards of the clients and what to expect the atmosphere to be like in an investment management firm.  This industry has a lot of stressors in it from the fast paced environment to the quick and strategic decision making.  It can be hard for someone outside the industry to understand the stress that is in the profession and how hard the job actually is.  Making a google site is an easy and efficient way for clients to get a sort of run down on the industry and why the investment managers and employees can be stressed.  The rhetorical situation of stress broke down my google site into different sections.  One being the causes of stress in the industry and another being on the other side as a client of an investment firm.  I was able to take the stressors I wrote about specifically in my paper and gear them more towards the client and why employees of an investment management firm are stressed.  Taking the environment of a firm and breaking it down so a client can understand the stressors of the job and why they are stressed.  They are trying to do what is best for the client.

Being a Sports Fan

In all honesty, being a sports fan, no matter the team or sport, has its ups and downs.  Everything from heartbreak to glory can occur but being a fan can be tiring and mentally exhausting.

There is nothing but excitement for your team when a new season is right around the corner.  The anticipation that built over the off-season, with the acquisition of new players that will hopefully improve your team.  Then the season starts and you see your favorite team in action.  As the season progresses, you see what the team is like and if they are contenders for the championship or not.  When your team is not a contender, it is a very frustrating and long season.  Take the Miami Dolphins for example,  we are halfway through the football season and they still have not won a single game.  Could you imagine being a Dolphins fan?  It is exhausting watching your team go out there and have the same result week after week.

On the other hand, when your team is playing well and a contender for a championship, you feel as if you are on top of the world.  With the Washington Nationals on the cusp of winning the World Series, the energy the fans are bringing is crazy.  Everyone is excited and hopeful that they can bring the title home.

Winning a championship is not easy however.  A lot of weeks, months, and games are played just to even get to the big stage.  The baseball regular season lasts from the end of March until the end of September, with the postseason starting and going through October.  The regular season lasts roughly seven months with 162 games played in that span.  With the season being that long, it is very easy to get bored of watching and lose interest in your team.  All sport seasons are like this; baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.

All in all, being a fan, especially a die-hard fan, is extremely time consuming and will cause extreme frustration but there is always the chance of reaching the eternal glory of a championship season.

Hershey and Starbursts

Both Hershey Kisses and Starbursts have similarities but one that stood out to me the most was their size.  Both are tiny and do not take up a lot of space.  The size of these candies makes it very easy for the candy to be consumed.  The small size provides anyone who chooses to eat them a bite size and quick treat.  Along with their size, the Starburst and Hershey Kiss are packaged or wrapped to protect the candy.  They both wrapped like a present and once opened, the candy is revealed. Both also have a sweet but distinct taste.

Starbursts and Hershey Kisses’ distinct taste is one of many differences the candy.  The Starburst has a fruity taste, as there flavors are cherry, strawberry, lemon, and orange.  However, the Hershey Kiss is made of chocolate and has one savory and sweet taste.  Starbursts and Hershey Kisses are advertised and marketed to different markets or audiences.  Starbursts are given the persona of fun and energetic.  They are colorful and fruity providing the aspect of having anyone would enjoy and have a good time with Starbursts.  On the other hand, Hershey Kisses are the exact opposite.  Hershey Kisses are wrapped in a shiny silver foil giving them a sleek look.  Hershey is going for a sophisticated and sleek look.  Hershey is more for pleasure and enjoyment as Starbursts are more fun and fruity sensation.

The way these candies are packaged and advertised are designed for different markets.  Starbursts, with their fast and colorful commercials, are trying to reach people who enjoy that good time and are looking for something with different flavors.  Hershey is reaching the people who want a sweet, savory, and sleek treat that is quick and easy to eat.

Senior Year

Here we are, the middle of October of our senior year.  We are almost done with the first quarter leaving only three more quarters until we are officially done.  This should be an exciting time of the year with everyone applying to college and being the oldest in the school.  Yet, why do I feel none of this excitement?  I feel no motivation to get any school work done and feel as if I am back in elementary school being given busy work.  So far, I find that teachers are just handing out work to pass time and occupy us for the rest of the year.

So, why might I not have excitement for this exciting time in our lives’? Well it is probably because of stress.  With all this excitement comes a lot of stress.  Stress to find the perfect school, stress from applying to schools, plus the stress teachers put on with their work and tests.  There has been so much stress out into this process that it has taken some if not most of the fun out of the process.

There are also a number of different things to consider when picking the school that is best for you.  First off is what you want to study.  Most of us, I believe, do not have this figured out.  We do not know what we want to do with our lives and make a living.  This is a major cause of stress in the college process.  College has become such a stressful and expensive experience but is basically a necessity in today’s world.

Perhaps the college stress added with the stress from high school classes themselves, are sucking the fun out of senior year.


Childhood is a great time in a person’s life.  The ages five to twelve are a very unique but fun time.  A lot happens in this time frame, so much learning along with change and growth.  There is not a lot of stress that we feel now as seniors in high school.  There is not any stress about what college to attend next year or about SAT scores.  Everything was pretty relaxed and fun.

In the article “The Importance of Childhood,” the author talks about her childhood and what it was like growing up where she did.  In this article, I found it interesting the kids she grew up with followed no rules.  There was also no authority figure in her school to control the behavior.  This is not what is found in today’s schools.

In school, we have a principal, vice principal, teachers, and security officers who are always watching to make sure we follow the rules.  They restrict some of the freedom we feel we deserve and earned as young adults.  At least that is how I feel we are treated at times.

Childhood is all about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  Childhood is a very important time because so much learning is happening. Kids absorb so much knowledge in such a fast manner.  They learn right from wrong and about what they like and what they dislike.  During my childhood, I found what sports I loved, what foods I liked, manners, and many other things.

I had a good childhood and figured out a lot of stuff that has shaped me into the person that I am today.  Childhood is a vitally important in a person’s life and greatly impact how people turn out.  A person can mold and find their true personalities in their childhood years.


High School Artifact

My high school artifact is the golf pin I received after my freshman season.  I have played golf for the majority of my life and golf actually made my transition to high school a lot easier.

Going from middle school to high school is a difficult transition for most people.  It is a weird and a somewhat awkward stage in one’s life.  I had not found who I was and I was not comfortable with myself yet.  This made going from middle to high school that much harder.

However, I was not that nervous about making the team.  Playing golf since I was eight years old, I was confident in my ability to make the team.  I was most nervous about being around upperclassmen and not really feeling like I belonged.  In reality, I should not have been nervous but it something that I had never experienced before.

Since the golf season starts in early August, I was already involved in school activities before school was even in session.  Making the team was an exciting accomplishment but the relationships I made with people are what really made the transition easier.  The sense of being on a team and relationships made that season very enjoyable.

Freshman year ended up being a pretty fun year, mainly because of the senior class.  Golf also ended up being a pretty good year, the team finished runner-up at states.  The pin represents more than me playing golf and making the team but rather the relationships with some people I would otherwise not have talked to.  Golf is essentially what transitioned me from middle school to high school. 

Organic Object Journals

Blueberries seem to be one of the smallest fruits that exist but have a strong, powerful taste.  It is a very distinct taste, a very sweet taste.  Almost a taste that I find to be uniquely a breakfast, taste or food.  Blueberries are mainly an accessory to many breakfast foods including waffles, pancakes, and an abundance of other foods.

You can learn a lot about a person’s personality just by simply observing what they eat.  It seems to be a weird thing to do but I find it to be somewhat true.  Learning certain flavors a particular person prefers gives an insight on what that person enjoys.  Especially when an individual prefers a unique type of ice cream per say.  For example, if someone orders pistachio ice-cream, you learn something about that person.

Blueberries don’t seem to change that much over time.  The only difference with the blueberries is they seem to have been leaking juice.  The taste of blueberries has gotten bland, after a while they have gotten too sweet.  Just like after eating to much candy that sick feeling starts.  The taste of sweet things starts to fall off.

Everything in life eventually falls off, at some point things you enjoy will become bland.  We as people just seem to accept this and move on to the next activity.  We never seem to ask ourselves why anything becomes bland, we just move to the next activity until it bores us.  We just mindlessly go through the day doing boring tasks to just fill time.

Along with blueberries come their seeds, the seeds are awful.  I do not like seeds in general, seeds are just awful.  The texture of seeds is not enjoyable.  Sunflower seeds are the only seeds that should be consumed for pleasure.  With all of their different flavors, sunflowers seeds are the only seeds that are enjoyable.  Blueberry seeds; however, do not fall into this category.

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