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United States Affairs with Iran

I chose to turn my research paper in a google site. My paper was about the United States affairs with Iran and the most effective strategy to take on the certain issue. I had always been interested in foreign affair and even just the United states government in general because my grandfather and my father both work in that specific field. I sent a link of my google sites to several people in the political field who are quite familiar to this topic and also many people who are not very educated on this certain topic who regularly post about the issue. I chose to send this to these certain people because I felt it was most beneficial to inform everyone about this certain issue since the topic has been all over the news in the recent month. I also had to add certain parts to my google slides that were not included in my research paper because certain events occured after my research paper was written. Lastly, I chose to use google sites because it is the most effective way to display a the history and how that has affected the present affairs and I felt very comfortable using it.

World Series

Right now I am sitting on my couch watching game seven of the World Series. But, watching it is making me anxious because I have a feeling that this game is going to be a lot tougher than the previous games. Obviously because the winner of this game wins it all. I really think that this game is going to come down to the final out; it would be interesting, yet stressful, to see it come down to the wire. The thing that’s funny is that I’m not even a Nationals fan. I’m a Yankees fan. But, it’s so impressive to see the Nationals make it this far and play with everything that they have. Honestly, it’s cooler to watch the Nationals play in the World Series because this is their first time ever making it this far; the Yankees have had their fair share when it comes to the World Series.

Additionally, another thing that makes the Nationals such a fun team to watch is the players on their team. Watching Juan Soto, who is only 21 years old, playing in the World Series and do crazy things is so entertaining to watch. Trea Turner is also a player that I love to watch. He’s an underrated player and comes up big in important games. Another player that I think is such a big player on the Nationals roster is Anthony Rendon. I don’t think anyone could dislike him because he’s such a cool, calm, but dangerous player. I personally think that he deserves to win the World Series as much as anybody. 

        All in all, no matter how this last game turns out, the Nationals making it to the World Series for the first time in history, and being the underdogs in these playoff series is amazing. 

Trip to Hershey Park

It was about three weeknd into school when the idea came up: a trip to Hershey Park.  The plan was to drive up to early the upcoming saturday morning with three of my friends.  Although, one could not come because of practice and we brought another along instead.

Saturday morning finally came around and I picked up all three of them and we drove a quick two and a half hours up to Hershey.  Everyone claims the town smells like chocolate, but I have been several times and I still have yet to smell it.  We finally got into the park and we went straight to the back so it wasn’t as crowded.  It was not a great idea, but we decided to go on the giant log flume first.  After the ride, we were all soaked for the next hour.  Next, we spent the next three hours going on three other rides which wasn’t worth all the wait time if you ask me.  We then got moes and sat in the food court to replenish ourselves; however, we all fell into a 30 minute food coma afterwards.  We then rode a couple more rides throughout the day and finally came to Skyrush, the only ride in the park I have not ridden.  I was obviously a little nervous, but I decided to just tell myself to do it.  We went up and there was no line, so we got on the very first cart.  Within one minute we were flying up the track, and then it was over within another.  I felt a little nauseous after, but we decided to go again.  After the second time, I felt extremely sick and had to take a 20 minute break.  After my friends rode a couple more rides, we left the park and my other friend drove us home.  From this experience, I have concluded to myself that it is a good thing to do the things that make you anxious.

Comparing Klosterman and Shinola

Klosterman’s rhetorical situation is when the 7th and final Harry Potter novel went on sale.   On the other hand, Shinola’s rhetorical situation  is when the long awaited Apple watch went on sale.  Therefore, both texts already have a slight connection; this being the release of a new popular item on the market.  Furthermore, both authors are pleaing against their rhetorical situations in their own light.  Klosterman and Shinola are both attempting to convince their audience according to their purpose of their opinion.  However, Klosterman scrutinizes his audience while Shinola compares to theirs.  Klosterman uses foul and harsh language such as “I would force myself to consume everything I could about this goddamn teenage wizard, simply for economic self-preservation.”  Shinola, however, compares by saying “the runwell, it’s just smart enough.”  Although, I believe that it is reasonably applicable to argue that Shinola takes a more vial pursuit in their text.  Klosterman, in all, is going toward and lashing out at an idea.  Ideas, however, do not have feelings or actual physical traits that can be damaged.  On the other hand, Shinola is secretly criticizing an actual company, full of actual people, and attempting to draw profit away from them.  Because of this, Shinola can easily be seen as the real scrutinizer.  Lastly, both authors want time to stand still.  Klosterman wants his audience to not have to always get caught up in the trending phenomenons.  On the other hand, Shinola wants the audience to stay old fashion with a watch instead of an apple watch.

Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie Response

I have hear a lot about college students getting very depressed at these top notch and ivy league because of the extremely stressful environment.  I agree with this piece of writing and how it says to go to college to enjoy life.  I believe it is not about the test scores, nor the statistics, nor the grades.  I believe it is about the enjoyment and the overall experience.  As many say, you must be vulnerable in your college essays.  This is one of the key factors in improving your writings.  If you were to write about nothing except your resume and things you have completed, then for the reader, it is going to be like reading an essay from a robot.  I also find it extremely sad that these students are taking their own life at the ivy league and other top notch schools because of the stress and workload.  I feel as if these schools need to have some sort of look back on the causes of these suicides.  This topic also takes me back to when I was personally depressed about a certain topic.  I am obviously not going to say it on this blog site, but it was obviously hard.   I feel as if everyone at least as a teenager goes through a depressing or rough time during their lives.  It is also one of the hardest things in the world to go out and talk to someone about it.  I wish it was easy, but it is not.  If I could change one thing in this world about human nature, one of my top choices would certainly be to make it easy for everyone to express themselves with ease.

Organic Object- Elephant Grass

I never thought I would one day be writing about a piece of grass I found outside next to my driveway.  Surprisingly, I had a lot of questions for the piece of grass, I gave it human traits, and it actually brought me back to a piece of my childhood.  At first , I would just not stop asking it questions such as “Are you reborn when spring comes around,” “What do you think about all day?” and ”Why are you smooth down your center and rough on your edges?  Is it like your personality?”  

I then made a surprisingly personal connection to this piece of elephant grass.  I remember it being our first base when me and my friends would play wiffle ball when we were little.  This then brought me back into the memories of being a little kid. I miss the days when there was nothing to worry about and all we ever did was have fun.  Being a kid in elementary school, where there was no homework on Fridays, was the best thing ever.  

I then felt sympathy for the piece of elephant grass.  I started to come to the realization that it just sits there every single day of its life.  That must be such a terrible life to live. I could not imagine if I was a plant just sitting in the same place for eternity.  I am now thankful for being a human and given all the qualities we have. In all though, we could not live in this world if it wasn’t for the oxygen plants like these provide; Therefore, I am extremely thankful.


A06 and A07 Readings

Before reading the two articles on repetition, I thought that I had a really good idea of what repetition was.   Turns out, repetition is not only a pattern of words, but also a way for experienced writers to express certain points about their writings.  In the first section, “Close Reading and Marking a Passage,”  the author initially starts off talking about how you can read through an entire article with or without marking up the entire piece and still not understand the literature.  The author then says the key is looking for patterns in the writing and this is how we find out what the piece is about.  The next part of the “Cose readings and Marking a Passage” taks about how there are two parts of repetition.  The first is using the same key word deliberately to get your point across.  The other type, which is harder to find, is using the same part of speech over and over to get your point across.  As said in the section “Repeat, repeat and repeat,” repetition cannot just be thrown into a piece of literature as words repeating.  It must create a certain type of rhythm to the literature.  I think this is a very good point because if you were to just go out and write about “everything is good” for example, it would sound extremely bland.  I have also learned that many famous pieces of literature contain a lot of repetition such as I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings and Tattoos and Freedom.  Overall, I have now taken an extremely better understanding at repetition and will furthermore appreciate and look for it more in my readings.


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