Heathers Fanart- Magical Girl Veronica

Hello everyone! Emma here. I’ve been listening to Heathers The Musical a little too much lately, and while browsing Pinterest I came across Cafhune’s Magical Girl AU. For those of you who don’t know, AU stands for Alternate Universe. It’s like taking the story and changing something about it. For example, if you take Hamilton (or any other historical story) and modernize it. Modern AUs are very common. In this Magical Girl AU, the Heathers and Veronica were classic anime magical girls, like in Sailor Moon. I don’t watch much anime, but a bunch of my friends do, plus the concept is pretty familiar to me. Either way, I was hooked. I loved the designs Cafune had for the Heathers and Veronica, not to mention how incredible the art was. I decided to sit down and draw Veronica in the AU. Sorry for the kinda-bad-quality picture. I changed her design a little bit (that skirt was too floofy for me), but I still really like how this turned out. You can check out the AU for yourself here. Again, credit to Cafhune for their wonderful AU and designs.

If any artists are curious, I used alcohol markers, liners, and colored pencils for this drawing. The exact colors are Ohuhu brush PB6 and BR1, Ohuhu bullet/chisel 63, Touchnew skin tone 107, and Copic B41 (one of my few Copic markers). I also used a Sakura Decorese white gel pen, liners that I cannot read the name of on the packaging, and just regular Crayola colored pencils. I don’t know if anyone cares, but when I see art I like, I usually want to know what materials were used.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I hope you liked the drawing, I had a ton of fun making it! If you have any feedback (both constructive and positive), questions, or just something to tell me, leave me a comment, and a link to your blog! I would love to visit you!

New Challenge, New Profile!

Hey everyone, Emma here. The 2020 Blogging Challenge is starting, and longtime viewers may have noticed a few changes on the front page. While I liked the look, my profile picture and banner were very old, and as I change my art style rapidly, out of date. I whipped up a new profile picture and banner, which you can see below.

For my profile picture, I doodled a little head-and-shoulders of me, because what else? I also used this picture for the website, right next to the words on the tab. It’s very small in both of those places, so I also stuck it on my All About Me page, which you can see here. I figured it needed something visual.

For the banner, I had a ton of ideas. I wanted to stick in a bunch of drawings I had already done, like what my classmate M did (check it out here) but that ended up very cluttered and unappealing. You couldn’t read the blog’s title, and it was very confusing. I had this sketch of Connor from Dear Evan Hansen sitting on my computer, and I decided I should us it for this. I realized too late that the 2000 x 600 pixel measurements for the banner are very small, especially if I wanted to put it in a post. So I put the sketch in a new drawing, redid the lines and color, and here we are!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed that little update and drawings. If you liked this post, or have feedback, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me something, I would love if you left me a comment and a link to your blog, so I can visit you.

Blogging Challenge- Week Seven

Hello everyone! Emma here, back for week seven of the Student Blogging Challenge. Can you believe we’re practically done with the challenge? My class skipped week six so we could work on something for the sixth graders in our school, but I’m here now! The theme for this week is holidays and festivities, and I decided to talk about Christmas (and Thanksgiving)!

One thing I’ve noticed is that people like to forget about Thanksgiving. The excitement goes from Halloween straight to Christmas. I really like Christmas, but I wanted to take a moment to give Thanksgiving a little love. I know some of you aren’t from the U.S. and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so if you don’t know, it’s a holiday near the end of November where we get together with our families and eat too much food and be thankful for things. It’s pretty great, and people forget about it. There are barely any Thanksgiving decorations, no Thanksgiving lights shows, nobody celebrates Thanksgiving eve, and I just think it’s a great holiday and deserves some appreciation. Thanks for reading that PSA. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

Recently I remembered my tagline includes “DRAWINGS,” and I’ve barely posted any art. I love art (and I need to use my drawing tablet more often), so I decided to draw a little picture for Christmas! I was really inspired by this video by Cetrece on Youtube and tried drawing lineless. Go watch their video (after this, I don’t need that kind of comparison), the art is amazing. I think the lineless style looks really cool in the end and saves a little time, especially because I spend a lot of time on lineart in my digital drawings. I wasn’t really sure what to do for shading on it, though. I didn’t know what color to use (I ended up using a pinkish purple), and I couldn’t decide between cell shading or airbrush shading. I just need to experiment more with lineless art and shading. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I also hid a quick Hamilton reference in it. Tell me if you find it!

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Happy (late) Halloween!

Hello everyone, Emma here! I hope y’all had a fun Halloween. I know I did. If you don’t celebrate, I hope you had a good October 31st. Either way, for Halloween I drew this little vampire character. I know it’s a little late, but I really wanted to post it. I had a lot of fun drawing her and I think she turned out really cute! I used one of my Ohuhu alcohol markers (CG0.5) to shade her. The only problem is I don’t know what to name her yet. Also, I’m really sorry about the terrible picture quality. Anyway, I hope you like her!

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