All About Me

All About Emma

Nine interesting facts about me!


  • I am a twin. I have an identical twin sister named Lily, who shares a lot of my interests. She’s my best friend and I get a lot of my ideas for stories, drawings, and animations from her. She even helped me name this blog!
  • I’m a dancer. I take dance classes three times a week, and have been for almost eleven years. I do ballet, jazz, and pointe. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite! I really enjoy different aspects of each style, but I really like learning choreography. It’s very difficult, but I love it and it’s really shaped who I am.
  • I’ve never been out of the country. I have never been out of the United States in my life, or been further west than Kentucky, for that matter. If I could travel anywhere out of the U.S., I would love to go to Greece, or to visit New York again.
  • I’m a huge book nerd and fangirl. I love reading and probably fangirl a little too much for my health. Right now I’m reading the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, the Alex and Eliza trilogy by Melissa de la Cruz, and the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.
  • I’m a writer. I love writing stories, and I have so many ideas I want to write about. I hope to get published when I’m older, if I can stick to an idea. I keep starting a story, getting bored of it, and dropping it. I’ve really only stuck with one (my first), and I’m even on hiatus from that. I shift interests quickly, and I can never seem to stick with one plot.
  • I’m an artist. I love drawing and art of any kind. I work digitally with my drawing tablet at home, and traditionally in a sketchbook, printer paper, the back of schoolwork, or any paper, really. Currently, I prefer digital drawing. The things you can do with layer styles and changing the opacity make it so much easier to, for example, make something look like it’s glowing. Not to mention line art is worlds easier with that undo button!
  • I’m an animator. …okay, not really. I would love to make animatics and animations, but I can never seem to finish one. Similarly to my writing, I loose interest and drop it. If I can ever finish one, I hope to make a YouTube channel in the future where I can post them, along with speedpaints.
  • I’m a big fan of Broadway musicals. I love Broadway (and other) musicals and am currently obsessed with the soundtracks of Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, along with BeetlejuiceMean Girls, and Six, to name a few. If you find art on my blog (I promise you will), it’s probably fanart of a musical.
  • I’m an okay singer. I like to think I don’t sound like a dying animal when I sing. I’ve definitely improved my singing over the years, and my friends keep telling me I’m good, but I don’t know. I know for a fact that I’m not the best, but I really enjoy it. You can often find me in my bedroom, belting songs like “For Forever” from Dear Evan Hansen or “Heart of Stone” from Six. I really only sing show tunes.


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