Ephly Reports: Europhemer 156

Europhemer 156
Day 553.956


Tripareph 1  |  Europhor 7.946  |  07:56:46  |  7:56 E.A.M.

Just woke up to another day on Europa… things are starting to get really boring around here.  We haven’t found anything worthwhile in the past eleven ephs—not even a new rock or a small discovery.  Have to go do my morning routine and work now.


Tripareph 2  |  Europhor 17.374  |  17:22:26  |  5:22 E.P.M.

We ran into a huge problem… there’s something causing the water to “disappear”.  I know it sounds crazy, but our water supply is getting lower and lower. We don’t know what it is, and we’ve checked for malfunctions and other issues—all negative.  The only thing left to do is the bacterial scan, where we’re debating about the power usage of the scanners. I’ll check in next pardix for the results.


Tripareph 3  |  Europhor 20.519  |  20:31:08  |  8:31 E.P.M.

Funny I said “we haven’t found anything worthwhile” earlier—we found a new species of bacteria! Right now, I’m on an eph-long mission to investigate the bacteria. It turns out that the 10 km bacterial scan was worth it, with the bacteria originating from 9.5 km due north. Now, we can conduct more research about it and make sure that it’s out of the water. That thing is small but fast, based on the bacterial scans. We have something to do now, finally.


Tripareph 3  |  Europhor 23.204  |  23:12:14  |  11:12 E.P.M.

We found out a huge piece of information about that new species of bacteria:  it produces oxygen and heat (at least we think it does)! We’re now uploading the data to the EMCC for them to analyze more on the bacteria for the parnox.  I guess we have to continue the research to prevent water shortage… I’m not too happy about that.


Submitted by [Dr. Cheung]
As of Europhemer [156], [71:13:06] Europan Time

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