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Several years ago, I created an “intranet” at the high school to help aggregate all the websites, information, etc. we are slammed with each school year. It turned out to be a life-saver for not only my Tech Team, but also for staff AND students. On the student version of the intranet, they had access to many of the sites that you had to dig through on the main school webpage, as well as a calendar that included upcoming events around the building.

Last year, as I returned to the IFT position, I immediately began building a new school intranet using Google Sites. Super easy and useful! One of the many benefits was that staff could easily find schedules, check out devices, etc. (see image below). The site is also accessible from home, so it made it easier to access info when you may not be at school. The one major downside is that I’m not able to limit permissions by page. So managing is all up to me.

The tabs are: Home, Staff Directory, Staff Handbook, Calendar, Devices, Advisory, OT, Resource, PBIS, Teacher Resources & Guides, and Mercer Market Place.

Jump ahead to this past week when I had some time to use Campus Press….I decided to recreate MercerNet in Campus Press. It was pretty easy for most things. Just getting used to the interface took some time, but overall I’m pleased with the result. I’m not done yet, but have pretty much been able to replicate everything from the Google Site version. What I like most is that I can limit the site to specific subscribers (i.e. staff at my school), as well as give different permission settings to users, if I so desire. Here’s a screenshot of the Campus Press version of Campus Press.

Does anyone else have an “internet” at their school and if so, how are you using it and what has been the response?

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