Fred Movie Review

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The first movie of the Fred trilogy is also the worst in my opinion. It is the least funny and looking back on it very cringe, even in comparison with the other two. The movie revolves around Fred trying to impress a girl he likes named Judy, and competing with his rival Kevin.

Fred is a high school boy who lives with his (drug addicted?) mother. His father John Cena also makes a prominent role. Fred is a total loser and his only friend is his neighbor Bertha, his rival Kevin also lives across the street. His crush, Judy also lives next door but she moves early into the movie. Fred goes on a journey across town to meet with Judy. Along the way a terrifying scene occurs where Fred encounters his long lost childhood friend who got lost in the woods. Fred eventually meets Judy but is humiliated at her party, he then decides to throw his own party to impress everyone. I would give the movie a 5/10. It is decent, but can’t stand up to its successors.


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