Marvin Marvin Review

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Marvin Marvin was a short lived show that aired on Nickelodeon in 2012-2013 and only lasted one season. The official reason for the show ending was the lead, Lucas Cruikshank, departing from Nickelodeon, however the show was also atrocious and suffered from very low ratings. The show is truly awful.

It stars Lucas Cruikshank (known for playing Fred) as an alien named Marvin who was sent to Earth after his home planet, Klooton, was destroyed. He was discovered and is being raised by a human family who discovered him on a camping trip. This results in struggles as Marvin tries to conceal his identity. The show is very bad and unfunny as well. It features terrible characters and bad acting. I must say I am glad it ended as quickly as it did. I give Marvin Marvin a 1/10.

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