Fred 3: Camp Fred Review

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Before I begin I must say this is one of my all time favorite movies, it is a masterpiece in every way imaginable and is very nostalgic for me as well. I will also be reviewing Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred, and possibly the original Fred, although I must that the movies improved over time and the first is the worst. The movie was released in 2012 and premiered on Nickelodeon, I also vividly remember watching it on premier night.

This movie revolves around Fred’s summer vacation. The movie starts with an incredible song and dance scene. Fred hopes to go to Camp Superior, however his mother sends him to Camp Iwannapeepee instead, while his rival Kevin goes to Camp Superior. Camp Iwannapeepee is a low quality, outdated camp with a plethora of issues where all of the losers go, meanwhile Camp Superior is superior in every way and is where all of the chads like Kevin go for the summer. The two camps have a long standing rivalry. Fred and his new found friends suffer through a series of challenges at Camp Iwannapeepee, but Fred makes it through with the help of his father, John Cena. The movie culminates in the competition between the two camps, ending with Camp Iwannapeepee being victorious.

I give this movie a 9.5/10.

Marvin Marvin Review

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Marvin Marvin was a short lived show that aired on Nickelodeon in 2012-2013 and only lasted one season. The official reason for the show ending was the lead, Lucas Cruikshank, departing from Nickelodeon, however the show was also atrocious and suffered from very low ratings. The show is truly awful.

It stars Lucas Cruikshank (known for playing Fred) as an alien named Marvin who was sent to Earth after his home planet, Klooton, was destroyed. He was discovered and is being raised by a human family who discovered him on a camping trip. This results in struggles as Marvin tries to conceal his identity. The show is very bad and unfunny as well. It features terrible characters and bad acting. I must say I am glad it ended as quickly as it did. I give Marvin Marvin a 1/10.

The Thundermans Review

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Today I will be reviewing yet another fairly old Nickelodeon show. This time, it is The Thundermans. This was a show that debuted in 2013 and has since ended in 2018. The show focuses around a family of superheroes called the Thundermans and their lives. Many issues occur, especially due to their need to conceal the fact that they have superpowers.

I have not watched any of the later seasons of the show but I will give my opinion on the the ones I have seen. The show is overall rather solid, with the best characters being Max and Phoebe, but with many of the others, with the exception of the dad, being rather weak. I personally disliked the episodes focusing on the younger siblings due to this. The show is overall decent. I give The Thundermans a 4/10.

Henry Danger Review

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Henry Danger was a show that used to play on Nickelodeon from July 2014 until very recently, with the most recent episodes being in the December of 2018. I remember watching the show when it first came out and enjoying it very much. It would seem the public agrees with me, with 95% of Google users enjoying the show. The show was funny (for my sense of humor at the time) and very entertaining, with excellently developed characters and exquisite episodes.

The show revolves around Henry Hart, who begins working at the shop of the superhero Captain Man and eventually becomes his sidekick.¬† This sets off the show, consisting of various episodes each of which focus on various conflicts or villains. Some of the most memorable villains include: the Toddler, Phone Shark, Drex, Drill Finger, and an alien slug. The show also focuses on Henry’s friends Jasper and Charlotte, Henry’s sister Piper, and Captain Man’s assistant. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and would recommend it to everyone.

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

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Bohemian Rhapsody¬†is a 2018 movie starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, it serves as a biographical account of Mercury’s life and tells of the bands rise to fame. The movie was released to mostly positive audience reviews, but mixed critic reviews, the movie was a huge financial success.

I watched this movie during a plane ride and I would have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I felt there were some problems with the acting. I already knew a fair amount about Queen and had heard their music before, so the subject wasn’t completely alien to me. The movie focuses entirely on Mercury’s adult life and his involvement with the band. It also focuses on his relationships outside of the band, but they aren’t fleshed out much. All of the other aspects of the film I would say were well done, although I have little attachment to the band, which I believe would lead to someone enjoying the movie far more.

The movie was decent and I would give it a 6/10.