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Today I’ll be reviewing yet another Jason Statham movie, this time it is Mechanic: Resurrection. This is seemingly a sequel to the original Mechanic movie, but I had no clue this movie or its predecessor existed until I happened to stumble across this movie on TV. The movie is about a hitman named Bishop (Jason Statham), who has to assassinate a series of people or else his “employers” will kill his wife, or something like that. Let me just say that this movie makes no sense and is terrible.

Regardless, it is entertaining if you don’t take it too seriously. The action is fairly entertaining, only because Statham is fun to watch and the action scenes are surprisingly competent. The ways Statham goes about killing his targets is great because of how unorthodox and ridiculous they are. For one kill, Statham gets himself put into a maximum security prison on an island in shark infested waters to kill one of his targets by strangling him. He then sets the body up to make it look like the man is praying when his henchmen come to check on him. Statham sets explosive gum he previously bought on a wall and breaks out, rubbing shark repellant on himself and swimming away.

For another kill, he drills a hole into the bottom of his target’s pool, which hangs out from his penthouse to the streets below. The pool shatters and the man is then sent plummeting to his death. There are many other things that just generally don’t make sense in regards to the plot, and the various characters’ motivations. In the end Statham has to escape a yacht before it self destructs, just to show how over the top the movie can be. I give it a 5/10.

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