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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 1&2
I recommend these movies if you don't know what movie to watch because it displays many different movie genres like, comedy, romance, emotional, and adventure and travel. The Movies will satisfy everyone if you are watching with a big group. These mo (More)
Traveling with Clara
Today I will be collaborating with Clara from Around the World. These are some of her favorite places. Australia: "I have always wanted to go to Australia because I want to see the unique wildlife." Greece: "I always wanted to go there ever s (More)
Top Ten Cheap Countries to Backpack
Backpacking is a low-cost way to independently travel while carrying gear and hiking for more than a day. You can go backpacking anywhere but here are top ten cheapest destinations to go backpacking! Nepal: Shares a border with Tibet and India. (More)
Traveling with Noemy
Today I will be collaborating with Noemy from Flicks and Clicks Taken On by Noemy. These are some of her favorite places. Italy: Noemy wants to go Milan for fashion week. She loves the culture and the people.More)
Travel Blog- Adventures in Hawaii- The Big Island
A large aspect of my life is travelling. I love going to new places and learning about them, especially the culture and nature. My family loves nature, so we have visited a lot of different national parks all over the country, and even a few in India (More)
Exploring the World
In today's blog I will collaborating with Harshita from Around the World in 80 days. Her top places to visit are Italy : Italy is a beautiful historical destination, it is one of the most visited destinations by tourists. Some great places to (More)
Tackling The Time
When taking a plane ride to somewhere far like outside the country, the amount of time before the plane lands may be boring and a struggle. Some people prefer to sleep through the whole plane ride, but not all of us are the sleep-and-wake up type whe (More)
Top 10 most populated places on the planet
These are the ten most populated places on the planet. These cities are pretty of course, great to travel to and experience the culture but it can also be scary, so be careful when traveling to these places! Tokyo, Japan Delhi, India Shang (More)
Places to Travel to in the U.S
In a few months it will finally be the short sleeves and shorts season we've all been waiting for. That also means spring break and summer vacations are coming up. Today I'll be talking about 5 beautiful places in the U.S to travel to or even take a (More)
Cool Underwater Attractions
    Orda Cave: One of the world's longest underwater caves. It is located underneath the western Ural Mountains in Russia. There is a local myth about a spirit that lives in the caves called the "Lady of Orda Cave". Yonaguni Monu (More)
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