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Marrakech, Morocco
Morocco is a very lively and cultural place. It is one of the most visited countries in Africa. It is the fourth largest city in the country. Plazas are filled with acrobats, snake charmers, fortune tellers, and musicians to grab your attention. Ther (More)
Splendid Spain Trip
Going back to my Summer Rundown blog, I want to share the first third of my Europe trip. I will be sharing my experience in Spain. Spain was an incredible trip and I would 10/10 recommend taking a vacation there sometime in the future. I got to visit (More)
Venice, Italy is built on about 100 small islands in the Adriatic Sea. There are no roads in venice, only canals. Venice has a lot to see and is a lot of fun! Some places I recommend going to when you visit this city are the Piazza San Marco. It's (More)
Barcelona is a lively and bustling city and full of culture. It is a great city to visit with family and friends. It is part of the province of Catalonia and the Catalonian flag can be found everywhere in Barcelona. Also, make sure you have euros sin (More)
Myrtle Beach Tourney
To add on to mt Summer Rundown segment, I want to share my experience in Myrtle over the summer. In July, I was asked to guest play for the Titan Elite 18u softball team. I went with two other friends who were also asked to guest play. The team wa (More)
Lastly, to finish of my Europe segment on my summer rundown, I want to talk about my Rome trip. When we were landing in Rome, the scenery was so beautiful from the airplane window. It was nice because the flight was super short from Paris to Rome. (More)
Paris trip
To add on to my Summer Rundown post, I want to share my second part of my Europe trip. The second country that we went to was France. In France we went to Paris and we explored the city. When we first landed in France, it was interesting because t (More)
Different Cameras Captivating the World
In the world we live in today and with the level of technology we have it is amazing to see the types of images our phones and cameras can captivate. My friend Tara has the Rebel Canon T6s camera. When asked she says the camera allows her to capture (More)
A rundown from summer
With all this cold weather, I'm really reminiscing about summer. How was your summer? What activities did you participate in? What was your favorite part about summer? My favorite part about summer is the warm weather and fun opportunities for tra (More)
The Maldives
The Maldives are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. They are atolls, which means they are a type of reef. The Maldives are known for their beaches, blue lagoons, and coral reefs. There are 187 species of forming on the coral reefs. There are ove (More)
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