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A-Z: All About Me
Hey, it’s Esme! Today I will be doing an A-Z All About Me post. A- I’m obsessed with earning all A’s in school. My older sister got all A's all the way from elemen (More)
Austin, Texas
Over winter break I went to Texas with my family. We visited Austin, The Johnson Space Center in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. My favorite city was Austin because the area around it was very pretty and the city was small but clean. We spent two d (More)
Special Guest!!
Today, I will be asking special guest, Thao, some of her favorite places that she wants to go. Thailand: "I want to ride the elephants and they have good food" Venice, Italy: "I want to go shopping and ride in a gondola" Jamaica: "I really (More)
5 unique fun activities that should be on your bucket list
skydiving: I know people are usually scared to do this, but personally, I can't wait to do this. hot air ballooning: I think this is a little different. Seeing the world from up high that's not an airplane or helicopter. It's more old-school. (More)
Special Guest!
Hey guys so today's blog is going to be about a special guest, Harshita Chaudhari from her blog "Around the World in 80 Days"! These are ten places she wants to go to: Bora Bora Thailand Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Prague, Czech Repu (More)
Cool Things I've Done
Most of my "cool experiences" happened when I go to India. The best experience I've had is when I participated in my uncle's wedding. It was a total of three or four days. It was filled with dancing in the streets, watching the different ceremon (More)
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 1&2
I recommend these movies if you don't know what movie to watch because it displays many different movie genres like, comedy, romance, emotional, and adventure and travel. The Movies will satisfy everyone if you are watching with a big group. These mo (More)
Traveling with Clara
Today I will be collaborating with Clara from Around the World. These are some of her favorite places. Australia: "I have always wanted to go to Australia because I want to see the unique wildlife." Greece: "I always wanted to go there ever s (More)
Top Ten Cheap Countries to Backpack
Backpacking is a low-cost way to independently travel while carrying gear and hiking for more than a day. You can go backpacking anywhere but here are top ten cheapest destinations to go backpacking! Nepal: Shares a border with Tibet and India. (More)
Traveling with Noemy
Today I will be collaborating with Noemy from Flicks and Clicks Taken On by Noemy. These are some of her favorite places. Italy: Noemy wants to go Milan for fashion week. She loves the culture and the people.More)
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