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Why should you go to Thailand? It is a great destination for family or to relax. It has many outdoor activities including snorkeling, jungle jeep tours, boats tours, and much more. There is also ancient ruins and historical landmarks. Thailand is a b (More)
Ohio, So Much to Discover!
Overediting a tan
What I find confusing is how on Vogue Italy, the magazine will white wash their pigmented models, yet when a white model goes to be on their cover they bronze her. It's as if this magazine who chooses their cover-model decides they want her face but (More)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is the largest and most ambitious city in the United Arab Emirates. The official religion here is Islam and the people are called to prayer 5 times a day from the minarets of mosques. Dubai is very charming and is even compared to Paris due to (More)
London, England
Over 4 years ago I had the great opportunity to travel alongside my aunt to London, England. Early on she had decided to take (most) of her nieces abroad and that summer of 2013 it had been my turn. Since my aunt's sister also lives in Liverpool we h (More)
Kailua, Hawaii
One of the places my family has easily fallen in love with is Hawaii. Whether we are relaxing on a beach under the warm sun or hiking to waterfalls, there is always so much to do that brings new (and different) experiences. Two years ago when visi (More)
San Francisco, California
Every year my family visits California not only for vacation, but also to see some of my dad's side of the family. As they are not far from San Francisco, we often find ourselves either around the city hiking or in the city walking streets and trying (More)
Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is a breathtaking city with amazing things to offer such as beautiful architecture, food,  and nature. While in Prague you must try some of the traditional Czech food. The sviko (More)
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and is situated on the Neva River. Museums, architecture, and venues for music and ballet can be found in this beautiful city. Opened in 1860, the Mariinsky Theatre is a very well know venue for i (More)
A Blog of Few Words
I'm not going to act like I know everything about photography. In fact, I know as little about photography as I know about blogging. Maybe I fell in love with i (More)
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