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Championship Season and School
It is currently February 28, the day before March. As any year-round swimmer knows, March can be absolute hell. For those who don't know, March is the beginning of championship season, for whatever reason everyone has decided. Most of the big meets t (More)
Bag Inspiration
Bags add so much to an outfit but, it is difficult to find the perfect handbag or wallet for everyday use. Here are some recommendations for some cute and simple bags . I would recommend starting off with a wallet or a wristlet, some cute ones includ (More)
Styling dresses
Dresses are a classic piece that you can wear to many events during all seasons. They are typically worn more in the warmer times, and for more dressed up events but that does not always apply. If you are dress shopping and want some for the winter, (More)
Tips for Plane Rides
#1: Time management is very important. If you don’t want to miss your flight, you must plan accordingly and manage your time. It is best recommended that you arrive a few minutes before boarding time, so you aren’t hustling the last minute.   (More)
Shoulder Pain: The Most Common Swimmer Injury
Anyone who has been swimming for a while knows that shoulder injuries are one of the worst, yet most common types of injuries a swimmer gets. If they have not experienced this injury themselves, someone on their team certainly has. And as every swimm (More)
Surviving the Week Before Winter Break
One of the things swimmers dread most is Winter Break training. We love the idea of having school off but hate the idea of all the hard training we need to do. If you've ever gone through a true WInter Break training you'll know what I mean. Coaches (More)
Spirit Week Clothing Ideas
Starting on December 10th it will be the winter spirit week at Dominion High School. On Monday it is pajama day, so you could just roll out of bed and dress in pj's! For Tuesday it is timber day, I would recommend wearing a plaid button up with jeans (More)
Fashion tips and tricks part two
Fashion can be very time consuming and complicated sometimes. There are a few tips and tricks to make your outfits better and make your life a little easier. The first trick is to stretch tight shoes, take two freezer bags and put them into the shoes (More)
Surviving the First Week Back
We've all been there. The first week back. Or even the first month back. It's torture. No matter how much we complain during the season for a break we all dread coming back. Not just because of the early morning practices and lack of sleep, but also (More)
Waking up at 4: Out of bed and in the pool
I'm going to assume that if you're reading this post you have to wake up and practice before school at least once a week. If it's one thing swimmers are known for, it's their lack oaf sleep and commitment to keep it that way. No, not really. We're kn (More)
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