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Summer Jobs for Swimmers
With summer fast approaching, many high schoolers are looking for jobs to make some extra cash on the side. AS swimmers, we are actually at an advantage. We have experience in 1) a life-saving skill, and we do it well and 2) a very competitive sport (More)
Tips for Trips
This time, I will discuss some tips that I hope you will find helpful before going on a trip. Tip #1:  Always pack your belongings for a trip at least one day before the trip. When you are rushing in the morning to gather your things, there is mor (More)
Long Course Season
Ahhhh long course season. There are two kinds of swimmers in the world: short course lovers and long course lovers. And if you are an actual human and not some kind of monster, you prefer short-course. However, we have to do long course because that' (More)
I recently got in touch with an old friend of mine. We used to swim on the same team but he moved and I have since changed teams. I was talking with him and he brought up the idea that he was going to quit swimming. My first thought was he was kiddin (More)
Top 10 Unspoken Rules to Swim in a Lane
Seeing as I managed to get myself hurt due to improper lane etiquette, I figured I should outline the unspoken rules when it comes to swimming in a lane. As a side note, many are just minor inconveniences to others, but they are all still important t (More)
Finding Motivation to Try in Practice
Seeing as everyone has supposedly gotten out of "hell week" for swimming (aka Winter Break), I figured I should talk about motivation now. You think you can relax now that you've survived Winter Break training and can just cruise to the championship (More)
Jewelry Ideas
Jewelry is a great way to add taste to an outfit. There is a huge range of jewelry that you can get whether you decide to splurge or not. I would recommend matching the color of your jewelry, meaning wearing all gold or all silver. This automatically (More)
Handling Sickness
We all dread it. The one time we get sick. There are multiple thoughts running through our minds when we get sick, some of them including: 1) Well crappppppp, 2) should I even go to practice? I'll do crappy anyways. 3) OOOOOOOO no practice. Halleluja (More)
Must Haves for the Gym
Now that the weather is becoming warmer and new sports are starting for the spring season, you are going to have to think about what to bring to the gym or practice. The first thing I would recommend is a a few athletic sets, like shorts and a top th (More)
How to Find your Style
Finding your own style can be difficult, even more so when there are a bunch of trends. It gets really easy to get caught up in these trends and not know your own style. My first tip is to find inspiration from your style icons, the best place for th (More)
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