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Introduction to the Wrestling Blog
Welcome to the blog, This is the indroduction to my Wrestling blog. On here I'll be talking about big wrestling matches, my practices, my matches the offseason practices that I have had during the summer and just what happens on and off the mat.More)
Nba opener
The NBA season tipped off two days ago with the Celtics and Warriors winning their opening games.  The celtics easily handled the Sixers and Joel Embiid saying, " They always kick our a**," when asked if there was a rivalry between them and the Celti (More)
Premier League Roundup Matchday 7
Premier League Roundup The Premier league is in full flow and the season is heating up. All the sides were looking to pick up points and move up the table. There were many exciting matchups and interesting storylines  in the seventh matchday of the (More)
Introduction to Sports Spot
Hello all readers, my name is Matthew Sherry and this is my blog. This blog will includes a wide array of sport topics from real sports to fantasy sports. All my life I have been a die hard Yankees fan as well as a fan of all New York sport teams bec (More)
JV football team takes a break
The quarterback cradles the ball in one strong arm, raises it up and puts all of their strength into the last throw. Across the field, the ball is caught and the committed player sprints across the field, making the last touchdown. The JV cheerleader (More)
Welcome to Nba News and Stories
Welcome to my blog.  I have always been interested in the NBA and some of the weird stories that happen throughout the year. This blog is about the nba season and the major stories that happen. Minor stories or ones that are interesting but don't get (More)
Seniors edge out juniors for Powder Puff victory
To build up spirit for homecoming, SCA and Freedom's volleyball team hosted a Powder Puff volleyball game with senior and junior boys competing for bragging rights. Players from the FHS volleyball team offered to help coach and manage the boys playin (More)
Varsity girl's lacrosse team receives championship rings
During the 2018 season, the Freedom girls varsity lacrosse team won the state championship game. They defeated the Atlee High School Raiders with a final score of 9-8, becoming the first Freedom girls lacrosse team to earn a championship title. The p (More)
Home Opener
The Freedom Eagles got off to a slow start in the first game of the year, as Heritage led 14-0 through the second quarter. The Eagles scored their first touch down before halftime. In the third quarter, Heritage put up two more touch downs making the (More)
First Race Victories: Freedom Cross Country
The Great Meadow invitational in The Plains, Virginia, was the first invitational race for Freedom High School’s cross country team this season. Thirty-nine members of the Freedom cross country team ran on Saturday, Aug. 25. Results/ Top Freedom Ru (More)
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