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Soccer Updates Here
My blog will include upcoming soccer updates. I'll be reporting match results around the world, transfer rumors, and other exciting news in the world of soccer. I (More)
Netflix and More
Hey everyone, my name is Kaitlyn and welcome to my blog! This blog will mainly contain reviews for shows and movies of all genres on Netflix that I highly recommend you watch (but no spoilers!).  Also, my blog will include some things I enjoy in life (More)
Introductory to Athletics
Ever since I was in elementary school I've known that my passion was everything that had to do with sports.  I loved to read about, play, and watch sports.  On this blog I will be talking about college and professional sports.  Most of the blogs will (More)
Introduction for Between the Foul Lines
Hello sports fans, I am excited to start blogging about my opinions on both football and baseball. I will share my input on certain topics related to them, an (More)
First Premier League Match Recaps
Hello and thank you for clicking on my post. This is my first post and I am going to talk about all things soccer. I am mainly going to focus on the Premier League and the Champions League because they are my favorite leagues because all of the compe (More)