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European Competitions Are Back!
European Competitions Are Back! Champions league and Europa League are finally back. The Champions League had its quarter finals first legs on Tuesday and Wednesday. For the first time since 2009, 4 teams from the same country all made the quarter f (More)
AAF Permier gives fans something to cheer about
After the Super Bowl every year, the hard reality for football fans around the world hits months without football. But with the formation of the Alliance of American Football, year-round football has become a reality. The league consist of eight team (More)
Freedom's Varsity girls lacrosse: Cologan game review
On March 15, Freedom High School’s  girls varsity lacrosse team played Cologan High School. Junior Emily Maier scored the first goal of the game within the first 10 minutes. The team scored two more goals during the first half, scored by sophomore Al (More)
Freedom's Girls Lacrosse deput since winning state championship
Julia Riley takes the draw, Freedom wins the draw and brings it down the field. Nine months late (More)
Unified hits the basketball court
Unified sports takes on their second season on the court. Watch below for a recap of their game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWNFMxyUZ1E   (More)
A look into the 2019 boys lacrosse season
On Friday, Mar. 15, the Freedom lacrosse team got ready for the first game of the season against Colgan High School. On the day of the game, students, parents and teachers filled up the stands to cheer on the team. Freedom immediately took the lead, (More)
Manchester United Find Their Man
Manchester United Find Their Man After a disappointing start to the season for Manchester United, Jose Mourinho was sacked. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was immediately put in as an interim manager for the red devils. Ole was a former player for Manchester (More)
Disappointing Lakers
The Lakers this year have been nothing short of a major disappointment. The only thing they accomplished was waste one year of Lebron's four-year deal. He is not getting younger and their window with him closes every year they disappoint. They had to (More)
Boys Soccer with a 4-3 thriller against Loudoun County HS
On March 18, the boys varsity soccer team headed to Loudoun County High School to play their second game of the season. The game started off well for the Eagles as Loudoun County scored an own-goal quite early on, making the score 1-0. Loudoun Cou (More)
The kickoff to girls soccer!
The FHS girls varsity soccer team started the season with wins against Liberty High School winning 3-2 and Riverside High School winning 3-1. The team was defeated 1-5 on March 18 after a hard fought game against Loudoun County High School team. (More)
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