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Will Pelicans sweep Blazers
This question has been out for long. This was very suprising for everyone. The Pelicans are sixth and the Trail Blazers are third. Lots of people thought the Trail Blazers would win. But right now the Pelicans won both away games at the Blazers stadi (More)
Cavs vs Pacers
I can’t wait for game three of the Cavs and Pacers series. It will be at the Pacers stadium. The first game, the Pacers won. The Second game LeBron was on fire and led the Cavaliers to a huge win. Now it is game three. The Cavaliers are hoping to tak (More)
Are The Pelicans Going To Sweep The Trail Blazers?
Pelicans are here. They are here to make a name. They came to destroy.   They might sweep, Blazers. Where is your playoff spirit? You were in the news.   Come on Trail Blazers. You were knocking on their door T (More)
First Win For The Cavaliers In The Playoffs!
Yesterday they won. Their first win in the playoffs. LeBron led them all.   The scoreboard was close. The score was sixteen to one. In the beginning.   James scored the sixteen. LeBron scored all of the sixteen. (More)
How Did This Happen?
How did this happen? The Cavs lost to the Pacers. This is surprising.   The Pacers played well. Victor Oladipo scored. He played very well.   They scored more than them. He put up thirty-two points. They lead t (More)
Playoff Time!
The playoffs are here. It's win it all or go home. The bracket is set.   The teams want to go. The long stretch is over now. Teams, it is go time.   The Cavs have made it. They are ready to go win. I hope they (More)
Playoffs are here!
I can’t wait for day one of the playoffs. The first game in the East is the Toronto playing the Wizards. The Wizards coming off of a suprising upset. If they won they could be the sixth spot. Toronto is doing great and everyone thinks Toronto will mo (More)
Last day of regular season
I can’t wait for the playoffs to start. Today is the last day of the regular season. The 76ers are ahead of the Cavs by a win and a loss. If the Cavaliers beat the Knicks on their last game and if the 76ers lose to the Bucks the Cavaliers can tie the (More)
Cavaliers Beat the Knicks!
This was expected. The Cavaliers did their job. The Knicks were no match.   They did very good. One hundred thirty-two points. They scored that much points.   The rematch is here. They will play them tomorrow. (More)
Cavs vs Knicks
The Cavaliers will end their regular season with two games against the Knicks. These two games will probably be blowout wins for the Cavaliers. Since, Kristaps Porzingis is not there it will probably be the Cavs taking the win. LeBron could average a (More)
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