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Spring Sports Success - Freedom Girls Lacrosse State Champs!
Freedom Girls Lacrosse team defeated Atlee High School 9-8 to bring home the 5A State Champions on Saturday, June 11. The season ended with a record of 19-4 and seven playoff wins. “I’m real (More)
Top 5 Sports Moments
This was a great year for FHS sports. Here are some highlights from the 2017-18 year. Sean Crumbliss' States Win   Sam K (More)
Athletic Commitments
Here are the Freedom athletic commitments that were not included in the print edition of [Uncaged.]. Donovan Foley has been running competitively since the 4th grade and has committed to run at St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania. Afte (More)
DHS Girls Lacrosse Regional Championship
This weeks blog post is going to be a little different. Tomorrow, May 25th, DHS girls lacrosse is going to be hosting their first ever  Regional Championship. Currently girls lacrosse is 16-0 and we are ranked #9 on the Washington post! Tomorrow will (More)
btfl, Juan Soto
The Washington Nationals maybe a huge move when they called up 19 year old outfielder Juan Soto. People thought that it would be (More)
The Many Paths of Journalism
This post isn't really going to be following on of my previous series on my blog, but I just wanted to really put many ideas that I have in my head (More)
btfl, Baker Mayfield
With the first pick in the 2018 draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma. This pick was very controversial because many people believe that Mayfield (More)
My Thoughts About Basketball
This game is trash I am so bad at it Sorry if you like it But it is the worst sport You throw a ball as heavy as a tree Then somebody catches it Who’s not on your team You rage and stomp Then they shoot a basket For the fifteen-hundredth t (More)
A Quick Summary on Why Gold is a Great Sport
Golf is an extremely underrated and unappreciated sport. This is due to golf being a very slow and long sport. This style of a sport is not appealing to most 16 year old high schoolers who just want to see someone get dunked on. I do agree this is mu (More)
Will Pelicans sweep Blazers
This question has been out for long. This was very suprising for everyone. The Pelicans are sixth and the Trail Blazers are third. Lots of people thought the Trail Blazers would win. But right now the Pelicans won both away games at the Blazers stadi (More)
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