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Blacky and Lighty Lemonade 🥂🥂 Story 2
It is a hot summer day. Lighty doesn't mind the heat, but Blacky is dripping with sweat, so Lighty decides to make lemonade for her. Here is the recipe: Tools  knife cutting board bowl spoon Ingredients lemon (1) suga (More)
Narwhal's Unicorn Horn 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄
One day, Dolphin 🐬 asked Narwhal, "why do you have a beautiful horn on your head?" Narwhal said, "nannaanannnaaa naaa! I have a beautiful horn, because I am a unicorn 🦄! Nannaanannnaaa naaa! Dolphin 🐬 felt sad becaus (More)
Craison Wadder
Read Part 1 of this story. Dolphin and Narwhal were very excited to meet Craison after so many years! Seahorse did (More)
Seahorse's Mate
Seahorse had found a mate. She sent a letter to her friends saying that she found her mate. Her friends, Dolphin and Narwhal, were very happy, and made her a kake. When they went to give it to her, they saw Seahorse was preoccupied with finding (More)
Sunken Ship
Seahorse found a sunken ship in the Pacific Ocean, where the three friends lived.   She signaled her friends to come and bring some other fish 🐠 friends along as well. When they all arrived, the other small fish swam into the ship happily (More)
Scary Los Catz
One day, the three friends, Dolphin, Seahorse and Narwhal, found an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They wondered what the island was called. Seahorse poked his eyes out of the water, and saw a sign that was high up on a high building o (More)
Dolphin and the Flying Food
One day Dolphin swam up to the surface for a breath, and she saw flying popcorn. She knew that the food came from a man's popcorn bag, in the beach. The man threw the popcorn bag on the sand when he had finished eating, and six pieces of popcorn f (More)
Sinking Cat
Seahorse and Narwhal saw a sinking cat. Seahorse and Narwhal haven't seen a cat. They wanted to save it. But Dolphin said not to. They didn't listen to her. But when they got close to the cat, the cat scratched Seahorse and Narwhal. They (More)
Seahorse, Dolphin and Narwhal
Dolphin and Narwhal are good friends. They love to play in the reef. One day, some fish moves in. The two friends ask who the new fish is. She says she is Seahorse. So they play together, and have fun! (More)
The Cleveland Show Review
Cleveland Brown is a single father working a dead end job and only enjoys going to the local Quahog bar to get drunk with his friends. One day, Cleveland decides to return to his home town of Stoolbend, Virginia and reunite with his highschool sweeth (More)
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