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DHSDT: What the yearbook won't tell you
For 3 years now, I have devoted many hours to the Dominion Dance Team and it's sister team in Seneca. Specifically, for the two years on the Dominion team, I have been asked many questions regarding practicing, schedules, and what we even do there. S (More)
Course Selections
It's that time of the year, course selections. This is a very stressful time because the classes you pick will define whether you will succeed or not. I'm trying to weigh it out and take some challenging classes while at the same time picking courses (More)
Bullet Journalling, Is it Worth the Craze?
If anyone knows me in real life, they know that i'm extremely obsessed with all things stationery and organization. I have no clue when it started, but I have it. One things i've noticed is that there's a lot of other crazy nuts like me and some that (More)
Time is flying!
Hey blog welcome back It's the end of 2nd quarter. Time has honestly been passing by so fast! I'm pleased with where my grades stand and how I ended this quarter. I hopefully will continue to improve and get better in the next 2 quarters. Other th (More)
Daily life at school!!!!!!
Hey welcome to my blog about my daily life at school! I go to Dominion High School. Here at Dominion we have A days and B days. A days consist of 4 classes and b days consist of 4 classes. In order on A days I have Geometry,Gym,Psychology, and then E (More)
Surviving the Week Before Winter Break
One of the things swimmers dread most is Winter Break training. We love the idea of having school off but hate the idea of all the hard training we need to do. If you've ever gone through a true WInter Break training you'll know what I mean. Coaches (More)
Photography around the English classroom
Today we were left instructions to read a poem, go over kindnesses, membean, and blog. School is a lot of work but friends make days 10 times better. Here are some images of my friends hard at work (I got permission from them to take pictures) (More)
December Favs!
Being that Christmas/ my birthday is right around the corner, I decided that it would be fun to talk about 5 of my favourite items this month! This is in no particular order and has no category whatsoever.  Long Sleeve shirts! Long sleeves are u (More)
Spirit Week Clothing Ideas
Starting on December 10th it will be the winter spirit week at Dominion High School. On Monday it is pajama day, so you could just roll out of bed and dress in pj's! For Tuesday it is timber day, I would recommend wearing a plaid button up with jeans (More)
New quarter new me!!
Hey blog welcome back! Today I am here to talk about how I plan to succeed this quarter. This quarter I plan to change my study habits and maintain exceeding grades. Through this new quarter, my teachers have given our classes new seats. With thes (More)
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