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7 Things I've Learned in 8th Grade
Hey everyone! Emma here. Sorry about how inactive I’ve been. With the Student Blogging Challenge over, I haven't been posting much. My class plans on participating in the Spring Challenge, so I’ll be posting weekly when that starts. Today in class, w (More)
Life: Then and Now
Hey everyone! Emma here. Over the past month, everyone's lives have been flipped upside down. We're all trying to adjust to the quarantine, and everyday li (More)
QuaranTEENing: School Before & After COVID-19
As everyone knows, schools all around the world have had to change their ways of teaching. Technology has been a saving grace in this weird time! We still have Google (More)
2020 !!
Hello !! I’m back and planning to be a lot more active here (probably not, but I’ll try). Today in Communications Class, we did a little activity to learn more things about our classmates. We just asked little questions, like what their favorite song (More)
Studying Tips
Since the AP World Test is a week away and everyone is overwhelmed by the amounting fear and studying they have to do, I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to share my studying tips and how i make a productive study session. Put your pho (More)
Junior Year- Classes
I need help. I don't know exactly how many people got a letter from the college board, but I got one and assumed the worst. Thankfully, it was just the college board saying that I should take AP Lang. I was flattered but then got intimidated by th (More)
I recently got in touch with an old friend of mine. We used to swim on the same team but he moved and I have since changed teams. I was talking with him and he brought up the idea that he was going to quit swimming. My first thought was he was kiddin (More)
Testing Season; Thoughts in May
May means a lot of things. Pollen, flowers, heat, last weeks of school. But one huge thing it means is that the dreaded final exams are coming. For a lack of better words, this period of time is hell on Earth due to the amount of work leading up to t (More)
School is becoming a pain
I have nothing to write about today. I'm so mentally drained and tired that I feel i'm in a lonely simulation, just some one quietly going through the daily motions and wishing for the same thing every week, the end of it. Obviously, this is super de (More)
Before School: A.D. March 28, 2019
Hello everyone. This poem was written during school, and I think many of you will be able to relate. My general thoughts and emotions about school are not very positive, and when I have to wake up before school the prospect of waking up and spending (More)
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