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Welcome to meg's magnificent movies!
Hi I'm Meagan, and I love movies. I'm really passionate about them, and hope to work in production when I'm older. I love going to the movie theater in my free time with my friends and family. On this blog I will be reviewing movies from all differen (More)
The Grinch
Christmas is just around the corner and I recently saw The Grinch in theaters. This was another animated remake of the grinch. This was considered a fantasy/musical and is rated PG. The movie is perfect for a family movie night. It was very cute and (More)
Mission Impossible: Fallout Review
This movie is bad, it is predictable and the ending was atrocious. The characters were all very generic and the plot was just as predictable. There have been numerous other Mission Impossible movies, although I haven't see any of them, so keep in (More)
The Hate U Give
Over the weekend I went to the movie theater and saw "The Hate U Give". This movie is rated PG-13 and considered a drama/thriller movie. This movie faces real life harsh topics head on and sets a great message. This movie is set around the Black Live (More)
Mechanic: Resurrection Review
Today I'll be reviewing yet another Jason Statham movie, this time it is Mechanic: Resurrection. This is seemingly a sequel to the original Mechanic movie, but I had no clue this movie or its predecessor existed until I happened to stumble across (More)
Critique of Open House
  I watched the Open House a Netflix original horror movie. The movie stars Dylan Minette, Piercy Dalton, and Sharif Atkins. I wouldn't be surprised i (More)
New Products At Sephora
#5 Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb and Body Lava Both of these products are new releases just in time for summer. These products will give you a really nice glow but do come with a hefty price tag. More)
5 Best Mascaras
Mascara is my favorite makeup product. It can help you look more awake and it can make you feel good while you wear it. Here are my top five favorite drug store and high end mascaras. #5 Smashbox Full Exposure This mascara is one of the best (More)
Best Cheap Makeup Brands
More and more now some of the best makeup is the cheapest. Some of these brands are signifigant competitors with high end makeup. Here are the top five best cheap makeup brands. #5 Milani Milani is one of the brands in the drugstore that com (More)
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