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"After" Movie Review
"After" is an intriguing movie full of drama and action. The movie starts off with a young adult, Tessa Young, who lives in the suburbs of Washington. She is being sent off to college by her mother and her boyfriend, who is currently a senior in high (More)
Pause that Show and Play "The Politician" Instead: The Politician Review
WARNING: SPOILERS. Netflix's new original series "The Politician" takes a satirical route on depicting high school life and has possibly hit too close to home for some students. After all, the main character, Payton Hobart, is an ambitious yet anx (More)
"Anger Management" - RIco Nasty & Kenny Beats (ALBUM REVIEW)
This album left me intrigued, satisfied, and happy but somewhat dissatisfied at the same time. Rico nasty is one of the most polarizing new rappers in the game right now. In my opinion she is one of the only good female rappers right now, while al (More)
Billboard Music Awards LOSERS List!
Instead of going over who won in the BBMAs (#boring), lets go over who sucks and deserved to lose! Top Billboard 200 Album: Thank god drake won he 100% deserved it with how much effort he put in. Scorpion > Astroworld. Drake also sold less too (More)
Nav I love nav so much. Hes the first brown boy to get it poppin. He sounds so clique and formuleic and so fresh. Nas Nas (also known as Nasir, Lil nax s, and Nassim) is actually super terrible and illmatic is not one of the best (More)
Logic: "Supermarket" ALBUM REVIEW
Logic's new "album" is an unlistenable, cringy, and fake attempt to create a pop rap-rock album. First to address, the fact that it is just a soundtrack for the book, friends of mine that have read the book say that the soundtrack has nothing to d (More)
21 Savage – “I am > I was”: Critic Album Review
21 Savage's latest album is an example of how an artist should grow and improve over time. A lot of artists nowadays start off making new and interesting music, or a hit, and afterwards fall off hard or put no effort into their music because they' (More)
Lil Pump - "Harverd Dropout": Critic Album Review
Unfortuatly, the once genre defining "soundcloud rapper" Lil Pump gets washed up by a bigger platform, expensive production, and low effort. Lil pump burst on to (More)
Nav - Discography Review
Nav is one of the most blandest, unoriginal, boring rappers of the trap wave. His voice is unoriginal, and is somehow boring and degrading at the same time. There is no empathy or emotion in his voice, and he uses the same flow and delivery for every (More)
Here is a list of horror movies on Netflix that I would skip. Other people may happen to like these movies, but I am sharing my opinion on what I think about them.  I may soon review other horror movies on other platforms such as Hulu and Amazon vide (More)
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