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Two major teams of the premier league battle it out yesterday. This was a really hyped match. Let's get into the statistics of the game.  The first half was filled with many yellow cards. In total 4 yellow cards were given with both teams contributin (More)
Biggest Game Yet of The Premier League!
Biggest Game Yet of The Premier League! The biggest game of the season concluded yesterday as Manchester City beat Liverpool 2-1. This was a huge game between the top two teams in the league at this point in the season. Going into the game Liverpool (More)
Premier League Leaders
Premier League Leaders At the time of writing this blog the Premier League is in week 16 approaching the halfway point of the season. Many new and familiar faces have had great seasons up to this point. In this post I will show the top Premier Leagu (More)
Jose Mourinho Sacked
Jose Mourinho Sacked Big news coming from Manchester United as they have sacked their manager Jose Mourinho. Mourinho is widely regarded as one of the best and decorated managers in the world. Him and Manchester United have had a very poor start to (More)
Premier League Roundup Matchday 7
Premier League Roundup The Premier league is in full flow and the season is heating up. All the sides were looking to pick up points and move up the table. There were many exciting matchups and interesting storylines  in the seventh matchday of the (More)
Premier League Match of the Week 5/21/2018
Chelsea played Newcastle at their home stadium, St. James' Park, on the 13th. This match looked like an easy win for Chelsea. At the 23rd minute Gayle scores for Newcastle keeping Chelsea on their toes. No more goals were scored until the 59th minute (More)
Premier League Match of the Week 5/9/2018
Liverpool played Chelsea in their home on May 6. Chelsea was looking for a win to decrease Liverpool's lead on them. Chelsea's newest striker Giroud scores at the thirty second minute. Giroud looks like he might give Marcos Alonso a fight for that st (More)
Premier League Match of the Week 3/9/18
This week Chelsea had another match in Manchester but this time it was in Manchester City's home, the Etihad Stadium. There were no goals first half but Manchester City was dominating Chelsea. Manchester City had 71.2% possession of the ball leaving (More)
Premier League Match of the Week 2/3/18
Welcome back to another recap of the Premier League match of the week. This week was Arsenal v Everton at the Emirates Stadium. In the sixth minute Aaron Ramsey scored a goal for arsenal and the newly signed player Mkhitaryan getting an assist. Then (More)
Premier League Match of the Week
Match of the Week Manchester City and Manchester United went head to head on December 10th. It was a very close game between 1st and 2nd place. David Silva scored in the 43rd minute giving City an early lead. United clapped back at the end of half (More)
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