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New Ideas
Oh no! I forgot to write a post yesterday! I feel so ashamed! Now I'll have to write two posts today! Oh, how can I think of so many ideas that are new? I can hardly think of one, much less two! And- Oh wait, I just thought of something. Toodl (More)
The blogging challenge is getting hard, And my ideas are becoming a little avante garde. (More)
New Poetry
Today's poem was a collaboration with The Writer from the blog Shorties. She is an amazing writer, so if you want to see more of her work click here. This piece may sound a little strange because we w (More)
King Salmon
All hail Salmon, All powerful king salmon. King salmon, your skin All peachy and orange, When I see your riches You make me feel so Poorange, With your Tiki torches and Golden porches and Your priceless coral Throne. Al (More)
Poetry Acrostic
Playing with words Occasionally difficult Experimenting  Trying new things Rhyming sometimes Yeah, poetry is pretty great (More)
Tonight Starlight Frostbite Wrong or right Black and white Of all things that are bright The brightest is sunlight (More)
Stamps, stamps, stamps You press them down on your hands You also use them on important papers Because they get sent to important people later But there are times when the ink gets all over you, And it may look like you are turning blue! But ov (More)
Sun and Moon Diamante
  Moon Pale, silvery Shining, waning, waxing Lights up the night,  brightens the day Glowing, dazzling, warming Fierce, Brilliant Sun (More)
A Bad Dream
Oh no! I’m having a terrible dream! I think my toes are falling off And my fingers are turning to steam! My hair is falling out in clumps My teeth are turning gray, I can’t remember what my name is And I’m pretty sure I’ve turned into clay! I (More)
Lost in a Book
You open the book You flip the page You read the first word And soon You’re transported into A whole new world   A world full of magic A world where anything can happen Fantasy, mystery, dystopian Each one has secr (More)
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