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The Making of the Atomic Bomb
December 1938 A German laboratory A man A shocking discovery Radioactive material A uranium atom split in two Enough power to jump (More)
New Poetry
Today's poem was a collaboration with The Writer from the blog Shorties. She is an amazing writer, so if you want to see more of her work click here. This piece may sound a little strange because we w (More)
I Completed the Poetry Challenge!!!
YES! I finished the poetry challenge! I'm so proud of myself for doing this! I did end up missing a few days, but overall, I think I did pretty good. This was a nw and different experience for me, but it was a lot of fun. There were times (as you cou (More)
Blog Takeover
As soon as May starts Ms. Haseltine's class will take part In a blog takeover To create blogging works of art. Amy Ludwig VanDerwater was ever so kind And lend us her blog So we could keep it alive. More)
Poetry Is...
Today in english class, we had an attendance question which read, ‘Poetry Is…’. There were so many different answers, some positive, some negative; some sentences, some single word answers. This inspired me to write a poem, so I used a lot of the (More)
This is very hard I can’t think of ideas Please comment your thoughts. (More)
Bird Haiku
Sometimes I wish that I was a small, happy bird So joyful, so free. (More)
Queen Haiku
Fridgid wintertime A beautiful, fair queen sings Enjoying the ice. (More)
There once was a kid named Jim Who really liked to swim He would swim twelve laps an hour And then he'd take a shower Which is why he is so slim. (More)
Two Voice Poem
In english, we have been working on two voice poems with partners. My friend Pen Lover, from the blog A Journey as a Writer, and I wrote a great poem that I wanted to share with you, but before that, Pen Lover's writings are really interesting. If yo (More)
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