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How to Mimic Eve Merriam - Poetry & Coronavirus Collide
Hello world, It's another weird, coronavirus kind of day. I keep starting and stopping p (More)
I (still) hate poetry.
I (still) hate poetry poem. I still hate poetry. Does it have a meaning yet? I wouldn’t bet. It’s been a while, poetry. I’m forced back into your thorny hold, Though this time, I’m being bold. I still hate poetry. This is the (More)
SBC Week 3: Falling for Royalty-Free Photos
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels [caption id="attachment_144" align=" (More)
The Waltz of the Wisterian Night or The Waltz of Wisteria’s Velvet: A.D. May 14, 2019
This poem isn't complete. At least it doesn't feel that way to me at the moment. I'm trying to get back into metered poetry and this was one of my first attempts to get back into that style. This was written about a night that I was riding my bike ar (More)
Too Many Animals: A.D. May 2, 2019
I don't really know how to explain this one. It's a bit of a doozy. I wrote this a couple days ago and it just sort of happened. Think surreal Lewis Carroll but really not. I can't think if a way to describe what this is but you know, you should prob (More)
Candy Floss A.D. February 22, 2019
Greetings yet again! This is a poem that I wrote on the 22nd of February 2017, and have since come back to many many times. I was doing archery with a friend when the sky suddenly exploded with color. I literally ran around excitedly and copied down (More)
PlaceHolder: A.D. May 8, 2019
This is a special one. Sort of in the same vein to my poems Float and Before School, this is a bit of a word painting(Thanks Macy) of how I felt on a certain night. Again, if you just want to read the poem without context and just take in the piece f (More)
the scum of summer kill lies in the plot as peat and rot do lie within the bog as hidden finch that twitch when it is shot or crow that has no end in autumn fog   the stranger’s soft strewn skin is curdled cream with maggots tr (More)
Stabiae: A.D. May 2, 2019
To leap off my last post, this is another poem I wrote while in Italy. This one was at a villa in Naples overlooking Pompeii. It was owned by a wealthy family who were affected by the eruption even though they were a significant distance from Vesuviu (More)
The Fountains at d'este: A.D. April 24, 2019
To bring my blog back to a happier note, this poem is about an experience I had whilst in Italy. In the little city of Tivoli there is a great villa with vast expansive gardens full of fountains. I toured most of it and it was one of the best places (More)
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