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9 Things I Learned In 8th Grade
Hey everyone! For my first official blog post, I'll be doing a listicle. My listicle is about all the things I've learned in 8th grade. Here is my list of 9 helpful ski (More)
Cedar Street, Emerald Isle NC
Cedar street is a hidden place in emerald isle that we went to, for a picnic. We laid a blanket down on the grass in front of the water and ate pizza. Since we were on the calm side it was very peaceful when we were there. Our view was so pretty and (More)
Spring Break-The Point, NC
over spring break, while my family and I were at the beach in North Carolina, we visited The Point. This is by far the most Prettiest and most popular place to hang around during sunset! My sister and my cousin and I all decided to drive our truck up (More)
Taking motion photography is easier than it seems. The only difficult thing is timing! In order to capture the image all you will need to do is have (More)
A popular aspect found throughout social media is the concept of an aesthetically pleasing feeds. Many influencers use it to attract and draw in followers. While comparing pictures all of them match a certain pattern or color. More)
Fort Macon State Park
Over spring break, I went to North Carolina, Emerald Isle my favorite place ever! My cousins and I decided to take pictures at fort Macon near Atlantic beach. We wanted to go there because their sand dunes were supposed to be  really pretty. We went (More)
The most common error that new photographers make is taking an unfocused picture. The way to fix this is by setting your camera to Al FO (More)
Things to do in D.C
In today's blog I'll be listing 4 things to do when in D.C. Monumenting; Some of our nation's richest history lies in Washington D.C.  Shopping; Georgetown is th (More)
Downtown Leesburg Photoshoot
Recently I went to downtown Leesburg with my best friends for a photoshoot. I've been to Leesburg plenty of times before, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a photoshoot there! It was perfect picture taking weather, very over cast and wasn' (More)
Editing a picture on your smartphone sometimes is better than using a professional software because it's easier, less time consuming, and free (mostly). Here are a few of my recommended editing apps for IOS devices: Photoshop Fix: Photoshop ver (More)
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