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Conference Playoff Predictions NFL
Here are my predictions for the AFC & NFC Conference Championships: Sun, 1/21, 3:05 PM, @Gillette Stadium Jaguars 29, Patriots 20 I believe that the "Sacksonville" Jaguars will defeat the Patriots in the cold weather of Foxborough for 2 (More)
NFL Week 14 Recap
Here are the top 3 things we learned from Week 14 in the NFL 1. Two teams have clinched their division Excluding Monday Night's result, the Eagles (11-2) and Steelers (11-2) have both won their division and made a spot in the playoffs. While th (More)
Injuries and Recoveries
As one quarterback becomes injured ,another comes back. MVP candidate Carson Wentz suffered a torn acl and will be out for the season. This makes the Eagles playoff run much harder, I believe they will lose in the first round. Eagle's fans can only h (More)
First Broadcast Post
Hi, my name is Elyas & welcome to my broadcast                                                                                         12/8/17 Here are topics that will be discussed on the broadcast: [-] Fantasy Football [-] Football (More)
Hello world!
My name is Ilya and I love football. I specifically am interested in the NFC due to the competition being better than the AFC. I will cover things that happen in the NFC, like trades, injuries, and standings. (More)
Introductory to Athletics
Ever since I was in elementary school I've known that my passion was everything that had to do with sports.  I loved to read about, play, and watch sports.  On this blog I will be talking about college and professional sports.  Most of the blogs will (More)