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Most Underrated Players for Every Position (NFL)
Today we are going to dive into the list of what I believe to be the most underrated players in the National Football League. This list will consist of all players (Not including Kicker, Punter, Offensive Linemen, or Kick/Punt Returners).  Quarter (More)
2018-2019 NFL Team Record Predictions (UPDATED)
Here are my record predictions for each team after the NFL Combine, NFL Draft, and Free Agency NFC EAST: New York Giants: 11-5 Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6 Washington Redskins: 6-10 Dallas Cowboys: 6-10 NFC WEST: Los Angeles Rams: 1 (More)
NFC East Predictions
Dallas Cowboys-At the moment, the Cowboys are having a quiet offseason. They haven't made any trades but have decided to drop Dez Bryant after multiple seasons producing under 1000 yards. I predict the Cowboys will go Philadelphia Eagles-So far in (More)
NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED)
As we all know, the first round of the NFL Draft is officially set to be on Thursday, April 26, 2018. This is my official first round mock draft for the 2018 NFL Draft; Trades are projected in this Mock Draft 1. Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, Q (More)
NFL Draft Tomorrorw
Tomorrow the NFL Draft starts. Teams can dramatically improve after the draft, which is what the Redskins desperately need. Here are some possible moves they will make in the first round. Draft RB Derrius Guice Trade back and draft Guice D (More)
Free Agency Frenzy (NFL)
Over the past week, the NFL has been blowing up about the "Trade Tsunami" that has hit the NFL. Here are the rankings of the Top 5 signings/trades in the past week: 5. Andrew Norwell, OG, Jacksonville Jaguars The Jags upgraded their defense mas (More)
btfl, Tyrann Mathieu/ Jimmy Graham
This week in NFL the free agent market went crazy. The Cardinals had a crazy interaction with Safety Tyrann Mathieu because the Cardinals wanted him to take a pay cu (More)
Richard Sherman to Redskins????? 🙂 Plus more!!!!
Richard Sherman is well now a free agent since the Seahawks released him. I would love for him to come to Washington. Also, the Redskins possibly are looking to the Cardinals to trade for Tyrann Mathieu. In the Draft this year I like Denzel Ward and (More)
Skins News
Jarvis Landry was franchised tagged yesterday, so hopes of signing him are out the window. I like Marqise Lee, Allen Robinson, and Sammy Watkins are all possible Redskins WR targets in Free Agency. Marcus Peters was also just traded to the Rams. Appa (More)
NFL 1st Round Mock Draft (1-10)
Here is the (1-10) Mock Draft for the 2018 NFL Draft. Note: This draft follows the belief that no teams will be trading picks in the first round.  1. Cleveland Browns, Sam Darnold, QB USC Darnold has shown excellent ball skills and IQ as a quar (More)
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