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YouTube is taking over, and that's the tea
From tutorials to energetic vlogs, the world of YouTube has grown to supply a variety of content. Although there are many types of videos and influencers enjoyed by viewers, the teenage demographic has focused on a few YouTubers they watch on a regul (More)
Welcome to Nba News and Stories
Welcome to my blog.  I have always been interested in the NBA and some of the weird stories that happen throughout the year. This blog is about the nba season and the major stories that happen. Minor stories or ones that are interesting but don't get (More)
Marching Band has no land
As soon as the Freedom band showed up for band camp over the summer, they knew something was wrong. Their practice field was muddy and right away they figured they would have to find a new place to play. Shortly after, they were told the situation. (More)
Homecoming Week Day Five: Class Color Day
Friday, Sept. 28, students and staff throughout Freedom High School participate in the last day of homecoming spirit week. Decked out in their class color, each grade competed for sprint points to ultimately win homecoming spirit week.   [ (More)
Homecoming Week Day Four: And the winner of the 2018 Hallway Decoration Competition is...
The Freshman Hallway The freshman class was given the theme of Wild West for their hallway. On Sept. 26, a few students stayed after school to transform the 500 halls with a railroad, blue skies and (More)
Lights, Camera, Pep!
When all four grades gathered in the gym on Sept. 28, it was by far one of the most energetic pep rallies yet. The freshmen and sophomores squeezed into the bleachers creating a sea of gray and white, and the juniors and seniors spread out on the flo (More)
Homecoming Week Day Three: Pink Day
The hallways became a sea of pink on Wednesday, Sept. 26, with students trying to earn Homecoming spirit points for their class. The rule was made popular by Regina George, the main protagonist in Mean Girls, that “on Wednesdays, we wear pink.” St (More)
Homecoming Week Day Two: California Day
Students and staff arrived at FHS wearing beach and tourist attire to celebrate the second day of homecoming spirit week on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Students from every grade came with floral head to toe ready to earn points for their class. [gallery si (More)
Changes to Freedom High School for 2018-2019
Different lunches on advisory days, eight classes in one day before the end of the quarter, and changes in the hallway organization, are all changes made to Freedom High School for the 2018-19 school year. The modifications were meant to make the sch (More)
Homecoming Week Day One: Decades Day
On Monday, Sept. 24, Freedom High School celebrated decades day, the first spirit day of homecoming week. Students from all grades came to school dressed in throwback attire to show school spirit and get points for their class.   [gallery (More)
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