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What Does Freedom of Speech Mean to You?
  Five high school students are suspended for wearing black armbands to mourn the casualties of the Vietnam War. This is the premise for the famous Supreme Court case of Tinker vs. Des Moines. Th (More)
What is a good teacher?
We asked 30 students and teachers to finish the statement "A good teacher is..." (More)
Milk Club and Philosophy Club join forces
On Friday, March 22, FHS Milk club joined forces with Philosophy club to discuss what sexuality, gender and religion mean to them. The discussion took place during all lunch shifts in the auditor (More)
Indoor Track and Field State Championship Results
On Feb. 22, 2019, Freedom’s Indoor track and field state team drove three hours to compete in Hampton, Virginia in the biggest meet of the season. Freedom competed against 49 teams from across Virginia (More)
Kickoff to Outdoor Track and Field
After a successful season of Indoor Track and Field, Freedom’s track athletes are back for more. The Spartan Track Classic took place at Broad Run High School on March 16, marking the beginning of the Outdoor Track and Field season. While the weather (More)
Indoor track season ends and post-season begins
Freedom High School’s indoor track season came to an end on Feb. 4, launching the team right into the postseason. All athletes who qualified for districts competed at the Potomac District Championship meet at Rock Ridge High School. The sunny weather (More)
Five hilarious hall passes
While it has not necessarily been common practice, students are expected to carry a hall pass when they leave class. Over this past week, the rule has been strongly enforced, which has caused some confusion among the students. Some of the departments (More)
Second Soda Shop is a Success
The Tri-M Music Honor Society held the second and last Soda Shop of the 2018-2019 school year on March 22. The dimly-lit library fell silent as siblings Veronica and Adam Manuel took to the stage first and covered “Party Favor” and “Come Out and P (More)
Freedom Meets Celebrity Drake Bell
On Feb. 28 Freedom High School art students took a trip to the Smithsonian American Art Museum to see modern day art and learn more there than the class could explain. Unexpectedly there was a surprise guest visiting that day, the childhood Nickelode (More)
The HOPE Club dances up a storm at the HOPE Prom
On Thursday, Feb. 14, the HOPE Club gathered members and HOPE Buddies from schools all around Loudoun County. The Freedom auxiliary gym was decorated with streamers, pink hearts and other Valentine's Day (More)
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