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Exploring Culinary Traditions
Congratulations Class of 2018!
https://youtu.be/5OIXs5LX5Z0 Freedom High School teachers congratulate the Class of 2018 after graduation at EagleBank Arena on Thursday, June 14, 2018. (More)
FHS Raises $45,429 at Third Annual Charity Prom
On April 27, Freedom hosted its third annual St. Jude Charity Prom at the Bellevue Conference and Event Center. The previous two charity proms were held at FHS. This year, the junior class officers and their sponsor, Jessica Connors, decided to add a (More)
Freedom hosts 11th annual International Night
Freedom held the 11th annual International Night on Thursday, April 26. The production was organized by English as a Second Language teacher Jackie Clement and FHS senior Kate Pearson. Along with various cultural dances, International Night also incl (More)
A Walk Through Worlds: A Complete History of the Art and Literary Magazine
High School- what is it? What defines it? What makes it what it is? The answer is the students. Every teenager who treads the teeming hallways of Freedom High School is a unique individua (More)
Starting a Dialogue
In high school, almost 100 percent of the student and teacher population face stereotypes on a daily basis. Individuals can be categorized by aspects such as their gender and race to their looks and abilities. “A lot of people think that just becaus (More)
Philosophers of the Round Table
Every year, the FHS philosophy club hosts FreedomX, an event that mimics the same forum as TEDx — with a number of presentations made by students. This year was their fifth annual event, and on Jan. 2018, 11 students came together to discuss topics r (More)
Men’s Chorus Engage in Challenging Music for State Choral Assessment
Freedom High School’s Men's Chorus is a diverse group of musicians that bring a sense of family and a challenging musical education to the classroom. Even though there are 23 members of (More)
Virtual Loudoun: A New Way for Students to Learn
Virtual Loudoun provides an easily-accessible way to take classes online, either to make space for an elective at school or fulfill pre-requirements for one next year. More)
Explore the Business World by Joining DECA
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is providing a platform for students to travel and network while participating in competitions. To join the club, being in a marketing class is a prerequisite. DECA advisor and marketing teacher, (More)
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