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Life After the Holidays
The holiday season has officially come to an end, and that leaves some students with a gigantic concern: what to do now? As 2020 has officially begun, many holidays have been left behind in 2019, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even th (More)
Snow Days Are Adding Up for FHS Students
As the end of the quarter comes upon FHS, one thing many students did not anticipate was having more break after winter break, but snow days surprised everyone and even caused some issues. Typically when student's get the call from Wade Byard, soc (More)
FHS Students Build Relationships Through YoungLife
Students at Freedom High School are creating strong connections through YoungLife, a Christian Organization founded in 1941 that is made for teenagers to practice fellowship and grow with others who share the same faith as them.   Through this wel (More)
FHS Students Paint A Mural To Inspire Others
On Nov. 4 and 5, a group of juniors led by Katie Ramboyong painted a mural in the girls gym locker room. After three months planning the mural, Ramboyong was relieved that it was officially done. "I wanted to paint this mural to help uplift you (More)
Varsity Gymnastics Senior Night: A Win For The Eagles
On Wednesday Dec. 4, 2019, the Freedom High School varsity gymnastics team held the first home meet, dedicating the night to the seniors.  It was a successful night for the team as they placed first with a total score of 145.025. Following the tea (More)
The Stress with Holiday Homework
The holiday season is upon Freedom High School, and with that also comes the massive time crunch between Thanksgiving and winter break. Third quarter is nefarious for its stressful amounts of homework which are expected to be completed in the awkward (More)
Volleyball Sets Themselves Up for Success
As a new student from California, junior Amelia Emons did not know what to expect for the new school year, let alone the volleyball season. Little did she know when she tried out, the Independence volleyball team would go on to be semi-final region (More)
Indy’s First Winter Spirit Week and Pep Rally Surprises Students and Staff
As Independence students and staff repped their school spirit in the second week of December, the school was left amazed after its winter sports pep rally on Dec. 12. Contrary to typical high school tradition, the freshmen class unexpectedly won the (More)
Annual Family Giving Day Takes Place at Legacy Elementary
Every year, people of different faiths come together from all over the county to help those in need. The goal is to make over 1,000 hygiene kits and meal bags to distribute to the less fortunate. Last year, the kits and bags were sent to Puerto Ric (More)
HER'd Brings Unique Opportunities to Female Student at Independence
HER’d is an all-girls club with a unique focus: the empowerment of the female community in the school. As many students might have seen these past couple weeks from the colorful pink flyers posted on notice boards and classroom doors around the buil (More)
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