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Paris in the Rain
Hello everybody and welcome back to Current Faves! This week, I'm all about Lauv. I first started listening to Lauv in the summer, bu (More)
Hi y'all!
Ever since I was a toddler, I've been obsessed with music. On this blog, I will be telling you my favorite song and/or album of the week. I like to listen to all genres of music, I've even dabbled in heavy metal rock. I'll be basing my blog posts off (More)
My sneakerblog overview
For my blog I will be giving my thoughts and opinions on sneakers that have dropped recently or upcoming drops. (More)
First Post!
12/8/17 Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog. I am going to talk about anything fashion, that may include makeup, hair, clothes and more!! Also on occasion, I will give you a life update hopefully it will make you laugh and lighten the mood. (More)
First Post!
12/8/17 Hi welcome to my blog!! Here you will find makeup product reviews, comparisons between high-end and drugstore makeup, and more!! Hope you enjoy and make sure to follow! -Jenna (More)
Hi everyone! My name is Yasmin and welcome to my blog of tourism and traveling! I am making this because I have a strong liking and passion for traveling to all d (More)
The most up to date Rap blog
December 3, 2017 Hello guys, I’m Marc, a 10th grader in Virginia. One thing I really enjoy doing is listing to music. Most of the time I am listening to rap music. This blog will help you stay up to date on the newest music, especially hip hop (More)