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I was at first very sceptical to watch it at first thinking it was a kids movie and I didn't want to waste my time on it. But my sister convinced me to watch it on day and I finally agreed. I thought it was such a good movie and really well done. I r (More)
Fuller House
Fuller house is a continuation of the show, Full House. The timeline is that the girls, DJ & Stephanie & Kimmy, from the original show now have grown up. DJ now has kids and they are all trying to figure out where they belong in this world, l (More)
~"To All The Boys I've Loved Before"~
To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a new teen romantic comedy, it's the kind of movie that is as addictive as candy, it leaves you craving it more and more. Luckily with it out on Netflix you can indulge on it as many times as you want. It is an en (More)
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
This show is about a half witch and half mortal girl that lives in Greendale, yes its the city that is beside Riverdale. She has to figure out whether she wants to take the path of light and be with the mortals and go to a normal high school or take (More)
Insatiable Netflix Show Review
If you are looking for a new show to watch over Thanksgiving break, you should definitely check out Netflix's original series, Insatiable. This show currently has only 1 season, so the watch should be quick yet highly enjoyable. The show follows (More)
The Fosters
The Fosters is about a family that opens their home and foster children that need a home. They foster and adopt a total of four children. However in total they have five kids because one of the kids came from one of the mom's past relationship. This (More)
Coco- Another Pixar Masterpiece
In honor of Dia de los Muertos and the snow day, I decided to watch Pixar's Coco on Netflix.  Going into this movie, I had low expectations.  I thought it was going to be too childish for my taste.  Just like the rest of Pixar classics, this movie de (More)
One of the best shows, in my opinion, on Netflix is FRIENDS. If you are looking for a quick laugh this is the definitely  show for you! Each episode is about 22 minutes long and it is a really good show to watch if you want to bing watch a show as th (More)
Safe is a really good show that came out on May, 2018. It's on Netflix and so far has 1 season and 8 episodes. Safe is about a dad named Tom, that's left to take care of his two daughters, Jenny and Carrie, after their mother died of cancer. They liv (More)
intro to my tv show blog
Have you ever been scrolling through your phone deciding what good show to start binge watching? Well you've found a place where you don't need to spend hours watching the first few minutes of each show to decide whether it's worth it. Welcome to my (More)
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