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Why is every company making a streaming service?
Image Credit: https://goo.gl/images/ekYaby If you are following the news you may have noticed that a lot of companies are trying to release streaming services. It is mostly because companies like Apple, Disney, and AT&T. see how much peopl (More)
Coraline is cartoon movie that is on Netflix. It is about a family that movies to a new old house. The coraline's parents are really busy and don't really pay any attention to her. She finds out that there is another denominations with her parents bu (More)
Cord Cutting: What Streaming Device Should You Pick?
Many people have decide to cut the cord, and end their cable or satellite subscription. This starting to become more popular as services like Netflix and Hulu start to increase their range of content and live TV streaming services like DirecTV Now, Y (More)
Worth Your Time: Marie Kondo's Tidying Up
Many of us have new year resolutions that we never really do. Whether it's working out more, cleaning the house, or getting better grades, we all hope that we magically overnight have a complete do-over of last year. Let's be honest, no one really co (More)
One of the best shows, in my opinion, on Netflix is FRIENDS. If you are looking for a quick laugh this is the definitely  show for you! Each episode is about 22 minutes long and it is a really good show to watch if you want to bing watch a show as th (More)
How to Get Away With Murder
Are you bored? Are you looking for a new show to watch? Well a really good show that in right now is How to Get Away With Murder. It has four season that are located on Netflix and the fifth is currently playing on ABC. The show is about five student (More)
The Fosters
The Fosters is about a family that opens their home and foster children that need a home. They foster and adopt a total of four children. However in total they have five kids because one of the kids came from one of the mom's past relationship. This (More)
Bird Box- The Movie that Went Viral
Bird Box has taken the internet by storm these past couple of weeks.  I've seen mentions of it from my Instagram feed to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show so naturally I felt inclined to check it out over Winter Break. Summary-  Bird Box is a story a (More)
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
This show is about a half witch and half mortal girl that lives in Greendale, yes its the city that is beside Riverdale. She has to figure out whether she wants to take the path of light and be with the mortals and go to a normal high school or take (More)
Fuller House
Fuller house is a continuation of the show, Full House. The timeline is that the girls, DJ & Stephanie & Kimmy, from the original show now have grown up. DJ now has kids and they are all trying to figure out where they belong in this world, l (More)
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