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Changes coming for the Wizards
On wednesday January 17, the wizards gave up the most points all season, losing 133-109 on the road to the Hornets. The wizards lose another game to a poor team, making their record After the huge loss coach Scott Brooks told the media, "We have t (More)
Lamelo and Liangelo in Lithuania
If you did not already know, once Liangelo Ball got caught stealing from a store in China UCLA decided that he wouldn't be able to play for a couple weeks.  So Lavar Ball pulled him out of UClA and took Liangelo and Lamelo Ball to play basketball in (More)
Lebron getting better as he ages?
Most NBA players prime around their mid to older twenties and aren't having much of an effect when they get into their 30s, but Lebron James is playing his best basketball as he turns 32.  Let's start off with defense, when a player ages it seems nat (More)
Wizards Game Tonight
I am so excited to go the Wizards vs. Clippers game tonight. My favorite player to watch has to be John Wall, because he is usually the most athletic player on the court. I actually got an autograph and played Xbox with him when I meet him at the Mic (More)
Wizards vs Clippers
The wizards took a tough loss yesterday on December 9th to the Clippers. They won by one point due to a game winning deep three pointer by Lou Williams leaving 1.2 seconds left in the game. The wizards gave the ball to Marcin Gortat for the final sho (More)
Washington Wizards
In this blog we will be going through the Washington Wizard's season, analyzing their games, and show updated stats and news.     (More)
Introductory to Athletics
Ever since I was in elementary school I've known that my passion was everything that had to do with sports.  I loved to read about, play, and watch sports.  On this blog I will be talking about college and professional sports.  Most of the blogs will (More)