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Wizards Vs Celtics 3/14
The wizards pulled off a tough comeback win in double overtime to beat the celtics 124-125. The Wizards were down by 20 in the first half, but pulled it back in the second and were down by three with 5.5 seconds left after the ref called the ball out (More)
Michael Porter Jr. to Play
Michael Porter Jr. has been out all season for Missouri due to back surgery.  Coming out of high school he was the #1 ranked recruit in the nation.  No one has ever seen a player miss the entire season then come back just for the NCAA  tournament.  M (More)
Wizards vs Heat 3/6
The Wizards beat the Heat in an exciting overtime thriller. The Wizards lead by 5 with a minute and a half left in regulation but after a layup from the heat and an and one drive by Dwyane Wade tied it up. It was a close game in  OT until markief (More)
After watching the Wizards play the Warriors yesterday I realized some things The Wizards play better without John Wall against weaker teams, because they know they will need to pick up the slack Against better teams without John Wall the hus (More)
Wizards All Star Break
The Wizards had two all stars this season; Bradley Beal and John Wall. They were both drafted onto Team Lebron by the all star captain Lebron James. However, John Wall was injured so he could not participate in the game so he was replaced by Andre Dr (More)
Lebron going to Golden State?!
Recently there has been rumors going around the NBA about Lebron James possibly signing with the Golden State Warriors in free-agency after the season.  Most people have said that they would have no respect for Lebron and they wouldn't support him an (More)
Wizards Vs Knicks Feb. 15th 2018
The Wizards pulled of the amazing comeback to beat the Knicks in New York 118-113. The Wizards were down 51-72 at halftime but outscored the Knicks 39-15 in the 3rd quarter. The Wizards' biggest deficit was when they were down by 27 points. Bradley B (More)
Wizards vs Celtics
Yesterday on February 7th, the Wizards took a tough loss in overtime. The wizards were down by double digits halfway through the fourth quarter, but managed to take a 3 point lead with a little under 10 seconds left with Celtic's ball. They gave it t (More)
Cleveland Cavaliers Trades Are Crazy!
Even though the Cavaliers have a record of 31-22 , they were losing games by huge amounts they have never lost by before.  Every player on the team was angry over the situation and Lebron was by far the most angry.  There have been many rumors about (More)
Changes coming for the Wizards
On wednesday January 17, the wizards gave up the most points all season, losing 133-109 on the road to the Hornets. The wizards lose another game to a poor team, making their record After the huge loss coach Scott Brooks told the media, "We have t (More)
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