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Bucks advance to the eastern conference finals!
On Wednesday the Bucks defeated the Celtics 116 - 96 which put the series to 4 - 1 and cause the Bucks to advance to the Eastern conference finals. This is their first time making the conference finals since 2000. This series wasn't even close th (More)
Blazers tie series 1-1
Last night the 3 seeded Trail Blazers defeated the 2 seeded Nuggets. This game was very rough from both teams with one player from each team being injured. Early in the second quarter Torrey Craig was going for the ball and was accidentally hit i (More)
Bucks are about to bring out the brooms!
The Bucks are up against the Pistons for what seems to be the last time for the season with the Bucks leading the series 3 - 0. This series is basically a bunch of scrimmages and highlights for the Bucks because the Bucks are such a better team t (More)
Celtics sweep the Pacers!
Last night the 3rd seed Celtics sweep the number 5 Pacers final score of 110 - 106 this series could have been a good one if Victor Oladipo wasn't injured. The Celtics are seemingly back to the team that can go on a run at any time and are great (More)
NBA Playoffs are almost here!
The regular season has come to an end with all the games finished we finally have our rankings. In the Western conference The Warriors are number 1 the Nuggets are 2 the Trailblazers are 3 and the Rockets are 4 these four teams are all great team (More)
Disappointing Lakers
The Lakers this year have been nothing short of a major disappointment. The only thing they accomplished was waste one year of Lebron's four-year deal. He is not getting younger and their window with him closes every year they disappoint. They had to (More)
Jimmer FredetteĀ“s redemption?
Recently Jimmer Ferdette signed a deal with the Suns to play on their team for the rest of the season. Jimmer was a star in college and was know as the best scorer in the 2010 draft he was a great shooter who could pull up from anywhere. He didn' (More)
MVP Race Part Two
The NBA MVP race has been an interesting one. The current top three candidates are Paul George, James Harden, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis is the current favorite as he leads he Bucks in everything and they are the top of the eastern conference (More)
Rookie of the Year Race
This NBA rookie class has been stacked from top to bottom. There are a ton of potential stars from the top of draft, Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley 3, Jaren Jackson Jr, Trae Young and Luka doncic. The best this year has been Luka Doncic, and in my opin (More)
The Brooklyn Who?
As it currently stand he Brooklyn Nets are sitting at sixth place in the eastern conference. With their roster and the fact that they haven't had their draft picks the last few years, this is extremely impressive. Their starting five includes D'Angel (More)
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