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Wait a minute...
I just realized. I finished the challenge. Sure I missed 2 days at the beginning and 2 days because of stupid air france. I still am mad at them. Though now I only have to blog every Tuesday and create really cool posts that can be more entertaining (More)
Limoncello(not lemoncello)
The limoncello recipe I am going to share what my mom says is the best drink in the universe the limoncello. Disclaimer If you are a kid you shouldn't really be reading this as it is a recipe for an alcoholic drink. So anyway here you go. The ingr (More)
Seafood and cheese
As I said in an earlier post I went to the amalfi coast and I had the seafood of the heavens in the amalfi coast. Since amalfi coast was made from Mount Vesuvius, the same one that destroyed Pompeii, wore down the sides and created volcanic sand it i (More)
I hate air france and other stuff
I hate air france right now. So you see when I went and had a wonderful trip in europe. I loved everywhere especially when the eiffel tower started lighting up. Not exploding I wouldn’t do that (hehe). Jokes aside I enjoyed it. Though Just as I was r (More)
I am going to make a list of dangerous natural stuff for you to hear. I am going to see whether you can answer my questions about the weather on this day. Thunder Lightning Wind Rain Flood Clouds Smog Fog Sleet Ice (More)
Have you ever stole before I have only stole One thing I have not gotten in trouble. I stole a pencil. So here is what happened. I was in third grade, I entered class and I realized I had no pencil. Since I had to do my warm up,I saw nobody was there (More)
What if you could  change into a new form. What would you choose. I would choose a draconequus because I love this animal. First of all it is a mythological creature. I love mythical creatures because they are reminders that anything is possible. Sec (More)
What is a nightmare according to the American Psychiatric Organization is “Nightmares are lengthy, elaborate dreams with imagery that evokes fear, anxiety, or sadness. The dreamer may wake up to avoid the perceived danger. Nightmares can be remembere (More)
Entropy Part 4
Welcome to part four of entropy that I did not think about writing until recently. I think I am going to talk about randomness. Now I am talking about computer randomness. If you know why a computer can end up being so random, if you don’t I will tel (More)
Entropy Part 3
Now I am finally writing about the last part and my favorite part of entropy, randomness. What is randomness. Say a random animal that starts with “C”. Was the first thing that came to your mind cat or cow or maybe cockroach? Most likely yes. If you (More)
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