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Free Spirit
Khalid just came out with a new album called "Free Spirit." It is very good and I highly recommend that everyone listen to it. My two favorite songs are "My Bad" and "Right Back." In my opinion, these are the best songs on the album. Khalid is an all (More)
Logic: "Supermarket" ALBUM REVIEW
Logic's new "album" is an unlistenable, cringy, and fake attempt to create a pop rap-rock album. First to address, the fact that it is just a soundtrack for the book, friends of mine that have read the book say that the soundtrack has nothing to d (More)
Heavy: A.D. April 10, 2019
I feel bad putting up yet another dark poem, but this is just how I've been feeling, and it's all I have been able to write about so I'm sorry if it's a lot. I'll try to post something more cheery next time. But at the present moment, this is what I (More)
My Favorite Queen Songs
As you all know, I love Queen. The band is so versatile, and I love all the different writing/musical styles the band members had. So, to honor one of my favorite bands, I'm going to be listing my favorite songs from a couple albums I particularly en (More)
March Favorites
Since the month of March is coming to an end, I decided to make a playlist dedicated to the songs I've listened most to this month. BANG! - Trippie Redd. Although this song came out mid-August of 2018, I still really enjoy it. This song has a ca (More)
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
This has been one of my favorite songs recently. I watched the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I really liked this song. Sometimes we play this song on the bus for softball games. I definitely recommend this song and the movie to everyone, not just peo (More)
daydream playlist
  Ok, I'm really running out of ideas and all my dreams have been too weird to post. And that is that on that. So here's a daydream inducing list of so (More)
21 Savage – “I am > I was”: Critic Album Review
21 Savage's latest album is an example of how an artist should grow and improve over time. A lot of artists nowadays start off making new and interesting music, or a hit, and afterwards fall off hard or put no effort into their music because they' (More)
Lil Pump - "Harverd Dropout": Critic Album Review
Unfortuatly, the once genre defining "soundcloud rapper" Lil Pump gets washed up by a bigger platform, expensive production, and low effort. Lil pump burst on to (More)
Guilty Pleasure '80s Songs
I think a lot of people are aware of my obsession with older music, specifically the '80s (although I am growing fonder of '70s rock, thank you Queen). This post was bound to happen. Here are my favorite, guilty pleasure '80s songs. Tell It to M (More)
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