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QuaranTEENing: 3 Things That Have Helped Me
What a weird time in our history right now! Stores are jam-packed, schools are closed, students are stressed, teachers are worried, and government officials are making critical decisions. It’s a chaotic time right now, and it’s easy for your mental h (More)
Week Five of the Student Blogging Challenge
Hello there, it’s Abby and today I’m going to be showing you a song I wrote on garage band for Week Five of the Student Blogging Challenge. I had a really fun time making it, I used various instruments like the Guitar, Piano, Drums, and of course, my (More)
SBC Week 5
  Hello there my wonderful writers! Today, I have provided for you a small music video of me playing guitar! As this week’s Student Bloggi (More)
Blogging Challenge- Week Five
Hey everyone! Emma here, back for week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge! This week’s theme is music, and like the Broadway nerd I am, I (More)
  Hi everyone! Welcome back! Sadly, I was too late to link my Week Four Challenge to the SBC Google Form (time differences smh) but I won’t be late this wee (More)
My music!
Loading… Hello Folks, For the week five blogging challenge. I will be showing you my musical tastes, rock,pop,jazz, Japanese, hindi, indie, soundtrack, oldies, musical, a little bit of metal…, and electric/EDM/Techno. I don’t know the differ (More)
My Top 5 Song Playlist
  Hey kiddos! This week’s blogging challenge is dedicated to music. I’ll be giving you a taste of what I like to listen to, then I’ll be  writing and reviewing the songs and artists I’ve been liking most recently, and adding any news that’s c (More)
Student Blogging Challenge #5
Hey y’all! For this weekly blog post for the Student Blogging Challenge, I made a playlist of my life. This playlist includes music that is important to me and songs (More)
SBC 2019 Week Five/Music
Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back again with ANOTHER post and I know you are excited(I’m joking, you’re probably not) to see this week’s challenge! Here’s a wrap-up of last week; it was week four of the SBC and it was basically freestyle writing. (More)
Broadway Musical Songs Quiz: Finish the Lyrics!
Hello, my fellow theatre geeks! Nature Nerd here. Music is great. It can make you feel happy, sad, excited, like you want to dance, goofy, or like you feel like smashing all the furniture in your room. But please don’t do that. Plato once said that, (More)
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