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Peer Pressure Kills
Today, ahhh today Friday 22 of march 2019 I'm going to watch a movie. I was telling my people to watch the Lego Movie but sadly it's out of theaters, I'm really mad about that. Our only other option was 5 feet apart starting at ten, I don't think my (More)
Movie #13 High School Musical
The movie High School Musical brings back a lot of memories, from singing along to the songs with my friends to wanting a relationship like Troy and Gabriela´s. All the High School Musical movies are so good but I honestly think the second one was th (More)
Just Another Blog
Recently I've really been digging the new Lego movie that came out like a year ago. I'm only joking, it's  disgusting and if you like it well RIP, and even if I did i'm too busy for it. I have like a whole month planned already and none of that inclu (More)
Isn't it Romantic?
"Isn't it romantic" is a romantic comedy that is PG-13. It stars Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth. It's revolves around Rebels' character, Natalie, who isn't in love and HATES romantic comedies. She goes on and on about (More)
Movie #11 Hot Summer Nights
I recently watched a movie called Hot Summer Nights on amazon, I honestly didn't think it was the best movie I have watched. Its about a kid who gets sent off to live with family over the summer in Cape Cod, he makes a new friend whos a drug dealer a (More)
The Oscars
The Oscars, a classic event bringing together man and animal alike. I didn't watch it, but some people on google did! Apparently it was complete and utter garbage. Best picture went to Green Book which I heard was good, I have yet to watch it. Bohemi (More)
Movie #10 The Edge of Seventeen
Over the weekend I re watched the movie The Edge of Seventeen is about a high school junior named Nadine who isnt the most popular around her school although her older brother Darian is. Her best friend and only friend, Krista starts to date Darian a (More)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody is PG-13 and is a drama/biography film. This movie was outstanding the acting, music, and overall film was very well done. The movie is based on the band Queen who's lead singer is Freddie Mercury. The movie really only goes in dept (More)
I watched this movie the other day and it looked really good but I was a little skeptical because I thought it would be a lot of talking and kind of like a documentary and I don't like documentaries, but it was really good and funny. I was about a ch (More)
~"Gossip Girl"~
Gossip Girl  Gossip Girl was such a good series with 6 seasons, and more than 120 episodes it is one of my favorite series that iv ever watched on netflix. I discovered this series maybe 2 years ago and I watched it everyday until I finished the e (More)
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