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Movie #9 Pretty in Pink
During the snow days that we had i decided to dedicate a day to watching old movies. My favorite movie i watched was Pretty in Pink. It is about an outcast girl named Andie played by Molly Ringwald and she has a friend named duckie who has a big crus (More)
Motivation at its finest
Movies a good way to kick back and relax. Recently no good movies have been coming out. Happy Death Day 2U was released yesterday but honestly it doesn't catch my eye too much. If it's anything like the 1st one its gonna be very repetitive and not sc (More)
Movie #8 Grown Ups 2
I have recently watched the movie Grown Ups 2. It is about a man named Lenny Feder and his family moving to be closer to his friends. He realizes he couldn't escape his old life in Los Angeles with bullies, party crashers and more. His friends has lo (More)
Yet another movie I have no clue why I spent my money on. I'm not a fan of comics nor superheroes in my opinion they're silly and non necessary, but yet I thought it was a good idea to go out and watch Glass. I have no words to describe how bad it wa (More)
The Mule (2018)
I watched The Mule and straight off the bat let me tell you it was great! If you like comedy and/or action I would 10/10 recommend! The Mule starts off with Earl Stone the main character rebuilding his life after hitting rock bottom and his family co (More)
Creed II
Creed II was great, and that's coming from me, someone not a fan of boxing. The cast did their part well especially Adonis Creed played by Michael B Jordan who was made famous by the movie Black Panther. Furthermore if you slam open a dictionary I be (More)
I watched Aquaman and let me tell you i'm not too happy about it. The movie is about Aquaman the king of the seas and his expedition to find out what happened to his mother and regain control of Atlantis. It starts off with his mother a queen meeting (More)
Bird box (spoilers included)
Bird Box is a movie that was released on Netflix starring Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes. This movie was released in December and it became really popular overnight. The concept of bird box is that the world gets taken over by mysterious creature (More)
Circle Review
Circle (2015) is a sci-fi thriller that was created by Aaron Hann and Marcio Miscone. The film can be found on Netflix which is where I watched it. This movie is 87 minutes long. As with most low budget movies you can find on Netflix, it is ve (More)
Movie #7 The First Purge
Over winter break, I rewatched the movie ¨The First Purge.¨ I thought this movie was by far the best out of all the Purge movies. The government thinks that to reduce crime rates that they should have one night where you can do any illegal thing. So (More)
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