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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Recently I've been debating about getting cable. Cable feels so old fashion though, and it's more of a luxury now a days. Like honestly you'll go bankrupt if you don't pay attention to them bills. I got Netflix which is honestly really cheap it only (More)
Last Summer
This movie is new to Netflix and is about High School graduates who struggle with love and friendship during their final Summer together before college. This movie stars Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa as the star characters. This movie is really good becau (More)
This movie had way too much hype. Everyone was talking about it months before it even came out, and honestly there was no point. It was decent and by decent I mean pretty bad compared to other marvel films. I'm not too much of a superhero fan, and go (More)
la llorona
This movie was simply amazing. La llorona a classic Mexican legend meaning nothing more in English but than the weeping lady. I remember my grandmother scaring me to the bathroom when I was a little kid.  The story I was taught is that she's a life l (More)
The Benchwarmers
This movie has always been on my watch list,  but I never got the chance to watch it until recently when I saw it on Netflix.  I've heard stories about how it's a mix between the Sandlot and Napoleon Dynamite, and honesty I can't think of a better co (More)
5 Feet Apart
The only thing that makes me mad about this movie is that there's no real way of describing it. Everyone I was with was crying legitimate tears, none of that drama club type of stuff. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest during the whole mo (More)
New Joker Trailer
This is different then what I usually blog about but I really wanted to talk about it.  Overall I think this Joker can be really good I don't think it will be a disappointment like some other DC movies.  For one Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor and f (More)
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 1&2
I recommend these movies if you don't know what movie to watch because it displays many different movie genres like, comedy, romance, emotional, and adventure and travel. The Movies will satisfy everyone if you are watching with a big group. These mo (More)
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel is Marvel's latest release and the last movie before the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame.  Since Captain Marvel played a big role in the end credits of the last Avenger movie, there was no doubt that she would need a proper introd (More)
Bedtime Stories
Recently they just put new movies and shows on Netflix, so I decided to watch Bedtime Stories. I have seen it before but a long time ago, so I forgot about it. It interested me because it has the actor, Adam Sandler, in it and he is always really fun (More)
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