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Life feels weird.
Dear World, I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things and can't wait for the fourth season of the sci-fi thriller to release on Netflix. I'll join millions of other r (More)
Student Blogging Challenge Week 4 - Catching Up with Free Choice
Hello, Very Important People of the World- I'm at my computer, and I can hear my husband rattling dishes downstairs. He must be unloading the dishwasher. I'm feeling sleepy, but I have stacks and stacks of papers to grade. I'm trying to catch up on (More)
SBC Week 3: Falling for Royalty-Free Photos
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels [caption id="attachment_144" align=" (More)
Prey written by Chance
The sun is a fire burning on the horizon. Anything in its light is painted gold and scarlet. The trees sigh contentedly as the rise of the sun dry the last of the dew on their leaves. I stalk to my favorite place to hunt; the waterfall. Birds are wak (More)
Let's Start Making Quality Comments!
As a volunteer commenter, I've been busy this weekend buzzing from one student blog to another. As I crisscrossed the country reading over blog posts, I met a few student bloggers whose blogs are visit-worthy. Besides, who doesn't love to start a (More)
The ABCs of Communicating with You
Attention, bloggers.      Our communications class is a collection of creative writers and critical thinkers. During the blogging challenge, we’ll draft, des (More)
All About Mrs. Rombach
Hellooooooo. I’m Mrs. Martha Rombach (pronounced Rom - Bok), and I'm an eighth-grade English and Communications teacher in Northern Virginia. After a thre (More)
A Poem by Celeste
I bring my pencil to my paper I’m ready to draw something I try and try to get something done But I can’t get past drawing basic shapes I want to express myself on paper But none of my ideas work I turn on my music, pick up my pencil But I wak (More)