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New Products At Sephora
#5 Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb and Body Lava Both of these products are new releases just in time for summer. These products will give you a really nice glow but do come with a hefty price tag. More)
Prom Season
Prom is just around the corner and it's time to get ready! In this blog, there will be examples of: Promposals, dresses, makeup, and hair!!   (More)
Prime Yourself!!!
When applying makeup many people often forget about putting on a primer. Although primer is extremely important because it provides a good base for your makeup and helps it last longer. Here are some of my favorite high-end primers: -More)
Ways to Get Voluminous Lashes!!
I absolutely love the look of long voluminous lashes! Fortunately, I have relatively long lashes, but if you were not blessed with length then there are many alternatives out there for you! Here are different ways you can get long and beautiful lashe (More)
Festivals Part 1
Summer is approaching and it is time for festivals. While preparing for festivals, a person has to think about their hair, makeup, and outfits. I will break this into three parts. This will be part one where I talk about makeup. At festivals makeup i (More)
5 Best Mascaras
Mascara is my favorite makeup product. It can help you look more awake and it can make you feel good while you wear it. Here are my top five favorite drug store and high end mascaras. #5 Smashbox Full Exposure This mascara is one of the best (More)
Natural Makeup Tutorials
It's hard to know where to start when it comes to doing natural looking makeup. Especially when it comes to doing makeup looks for school. Today I'm going to provide you all with links to some of my favorite youtubers videos of their natural makeup l (More)
Hola! Today I'm going to be shouting out several YouTubers that I watch and love for their makeup, vlogs, fashion styles and much more. More)
Best Cheap Makeup Brands
More and more now some of the best makeup is the cheapest. Some of these brands are signifigant competitors with high end makeup. Here are the top five best cheap makeup brands. #5 Milani Milani is one of the brands in the drugstore that com (More)
Where To Find Quality Makeup Brushes
Many people will spend hundreds of dollars on makeup brushes or opt for the less expensive brands but have brushes that quickly fall apart. Today I'm going to show you guys some affordable yet great quality makeup brushes! -More)
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