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5 Best Mascaras
Mascara is my favorite makeup product. It can help you look more awake and it can make you feel good while you wear it. Here are my top five favorite drug store and high end mascaras. #5 Smashbox Full Exposure This mascara is one of the best (More)
Natural Makeup Tutorials
It's hard to know where to start when it comes to doing natural looking makeup. Especially when it comes to doing makeup looks for school. Today I'm going to provide you all with links to some of my favorite youtubers videos of their natural makeup l (More)
Hola! Today I'm going to be shouting out several YouTubers that I watch and love for their makeup, vlogs, fashion styles and much more. More)
Best Cheap Makeup Brands
More and more now some of the best makeup is the cheapest. Some of these brands are signifigant competitors with high end makeup. Here are the top five best cheap makeup brands. #5 Milani Milani is one of the brands in the drugstore that com (More)
Where To Find Quality Makeup Brushes
Many people will spend hundreds of dollars on makeup brushes or opt for the less expensive brands but have brushes that quickly fall apart. Today I'm going to show you guys some affordable yet great quality makeup brushes! -More)
New Makeup At Sephora
There are a lot of good, new products coming out at Sephora in the next couple of weeks. These are 5 products that look the most interesting to me. #5 Farsali Jeely Beam Highlighter Farsali is the instagrm famous brand that made the facial o (More)
Save Your Money and Shop for Drugstore Mascara!
Many people tend to gravitate towards high-end mascaras because they believe that because it's expensive that must mean it's better quality. Although that is just a misconception because drugstore mascaras can be just as good, sometimes even better a (More)
Makeup Trends to Leave in 2017
2017 brought us a lot of good, new makeup. But it also brought us some of the worst trends i've seen in the recent years. Here are the 5 worst makeup trends of 2017. #5 Feathered Brows I don't know how people thought these looked good, or wh (More)
How to determine what high-end face makeup is right for you!!
When it comes to deciding what products to buy, there are many things you need to consider. I recommend buying your products from Sephora because if you are unhappy with the product you can always return it! That way you can make sure you love the pr (More)
Huge Sale at Sephora!
Sephora is currently having a huge sale right now, some products are up to 50% off! This sale came just in-time if you're looking to buy Christmas gifts or if you want to treat yourself to some new products! Here are three products that are an ext (More)
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