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If you're someone who loves to takes pictures collages are a cool way of expressing yourself. Making a collage is super easy and inexpensive, they can also be displayed anywhere. Attach some of your favorite pictures and create a nice theme and your (More)
Exploring the World
In today's blog I will collaborating with Harshita from Around the World in 80 days. Her top places to visit are Italy : Italy is a beautiful historical destination, it is one of the most visited destinations by tourists. Some great places to (More)
VSCO is an app that allows anyone to express themself through images. Many professionals and teens from all around the country are using VSCO to enhance the appearance of an image. The pictures can have captions and they are open to be seen by the pu (More)
Photo tips
When you log into any of your social media you always see people posting pictures of cool places they're visiting or fun things they're doing. In today's blog I'm going to be talking about three tips for taking good pictures. Tip #1: Find a nice b (More)
Different Cameras Captivating the World
In the world we live in today and with the level of technology we have it is amazing to see the types of images our phones and cameras can captivate. My friend Tara has the Rebel Canon T6s camera. When asked she says the camera allows her to capture (More)
Goth Gorls take on photography
Savannah is one of my good friends, and we share many classes together. Today during history class we had a mini photoshoot. Friends make taking pictures so much fun and they inspire me. I enjoy taking pictures of my friends and I, they take any ordi (More)
It's November, summer feels like it's an eternity away. Pictures are one of the few things we have to hold onto summer. Midterms are rolling around and I promise you nobody is looking forward to that. To make your day a little brighter, here's a plac (More)
The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire DiariesĀ is an American supernatural drama television series. The setting of this series is in an imaginary town called Mystic Falls located in Virginia, which the town has a lot of supernatural history. This series is about a teenage (More)
Friends is an American Sitcom filmed in the 90s. This classic show is based on two groups, one of three boys and one of three girls, that are all best friends. They all are graduated from college and trying to find love and there value in life al (More)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is the largest and most ambitious city in the United Arab Emirates. The official religion here is Islam and the people are called to prayer 5 times a day from the minarets of mosques. Dubai is very charming and is even compared to Paris due to (More)
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