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An Explanation
High school is the worst. You have no time for anything, have to do everything, and then blamed for doing nothing. Not only that, but having friends is hard. You either have no classes with them or you're too busy to talk to them. Personally, I fall (More)
Sister 🙂
Photos are everywhere in our lives. They are on pretty much on every wall, all over social media and I bet you have at least once been bothered by someone that r (More)
A polar Bear in snow and magic?
Simon Says...deciding what to blog about is pretty difficult especially when you are asked to write about something you are passionate about. Don't get me wrong I'm a passionate person with a ton of passions, but the moment you ask me to sit down and (More)
First Post!
12/8/17 Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog. I am going to talk about anything fashion, that may include makeup, hair, clothes and more!! Also on occasion, I will give you a life update hopefully it will make you laugh and lighten the mood. (More)