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Buckets or Buffets?
Most people who talk about education seem to like metaphors. I’m no exception! I picture traditional education as teachers pouring knowledge into students’ minds (More)
Crap Detection
One of the most important skills today's learners need is crap detection. Information is freely available - weeding through it all to find the useful bits and putting them together coherently are the keys to survival. One of my favorite books is D (More)
Fostering Innovation
As someone who gets bored easily, I cannot imagine teaching the same way year after year. This tendency I have to seek out new ways of doing things has allowed me to change the way I teach all the time. I am constantly designing new projects to try, (More)
The Innovator's Mindset
"Change is an opportunity to do something amazing." (George Couros, "The Innovator's Mindset") I have often been handed a book from team leaders, administrators, or supervisors who profess that this book study will be transformative, inspiring, inno (More)
Why is innovation in education so crucial today?
Technology, as we all know, is evolving by the second. As educators, we tend to get overwhelmed with all the changes, updates, and "new toys" that bombard us on a daily basis. However, I think it's important that we allow ourselves (and each other!) (More)